Preparations for high availability in Azure configuration-create storage accounts and networks in different regions !, Azure account

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Preparations for high availability in Azure configuration-create storage accounts and networks in different regions !, Azure account

When talking about our business, we often talk about a word. The three-layer architecture is the separation of our UI Layer, data access layer, and data storage layer, in general, the high availability of our business must meet all the high availability requirements of the three layers to achieve the highest level of high availability.

So when it comes to Azure, how can we ensure high data availability across sites? Let's talk about how to ensure high availability at The IAAS level and get the test account. The first thing we need to do is to create a virtual network based on the data centers in the north and the east, create a data center based on the virtual network. Let's start from the next step. Let's first create a virtual machine network in the east:

  1. After login, create a virtual network. Because the network is cross-cloud services and virtual machines, it is very important for us to create different virtual networks based on cloud services.





  2. Enter the corresponding network name. Here we enter PilotEast, and then select the East Data Center:

  3. Enter our DNS server. Here we use as our DNS Server:


  4. Enter the corresponding subnet and network IP address:

  5. The network in the east is created.


  6. Next we will create a virtual network in the North:

  7. After entering DNS, click Next to create:




  8. Enter the IP information and click Next to create:

  9. Basically, our northern network is created, and the network is created to better match the network of our business machines for future cloud services.




The above operations are mainly used to prepare the application machines required for deploying the corresponding network in the future. These operations need to be created when your internal applications are relatively large. We do not need to perform this operation if we only have a server in one location.

In addition to network configuration, We need to configure storage in most cases. Because data exists in the east and north regions, we need to create two different storage accounts to achieve our high storage availability goal, therefore, follow these steps to create two storage accounts:

  1. Click Create in storage:




  2. Click "quick create:

  3. We create a region-based redundant Northern storage account:

  4. Created successfully:

  5. Follow the steps above to create an eastern storage account:


The main steps in the high availability configuration process have been completed. In the next blog, let's talk about the high availability configuration of static websites and non-interactive websites.

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