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1. Introduce yourself.

This is a common question for foreign companies. Ordinary people answer this question too often. They only talk about their names, ages, hobbies, and work experience. In fact, what foreign companies want to know most about is whether job seekers are competent,
Including: the strongest skills, the most in-depth research in the field of knowledge, the most positive part of the personality, the most successful thing, the main achievements, and so on, these can be irrelevant to learning, it can also be related to learning, but it must be positive.
The personality and ability to do things are reasonable for foreign companies to believe. Foreign companies attach great importance to the courtesy of a person. Job seekers should respect the examiner and say "thank you" after answering each question ". Foreign companies like polite job hunting

2. What is your favorite course at school? Why?

Foreign companies do not want job seekers to answer questions such as "Mathematics" and "Sports" directly.
The answer also explains the reason for the specific course. It not only indicates that the job seeker is not interested in the subject, but also indicates that he or she will not be interested in the work to be completed in the future. In this case, foreign companies are most interested in seeking a job.
I may not be particularly interested in some subjects, but because of this, I will spend more time learning this course, I started to be interested in the subjects I was not interested in.
I naturally learned more seriously about the subjects I was interested in, so the scores of each course were balanced. With this problem, foreign companies can find job seekers who are interested in everything.

3. What are your biggest advantages and disadvantages?

Foreign companies usually have a high probability of asking this question, and do not want to hear the disadvantages of direct answers, if a job seeker says he is blind, jealous, lazy, grumpy, and inefficient, foreign companies will certainly not be hired.
You. Foreign companies like job seekers from their own advantages, add some minor disadvantages in the middle, and finally turn the problem back to the advantages, highlighting the advantages. Foreign companies like smart job seekers.

4. Do you think you are a good student at school?

The recruitment tips of foreign companies are very clever. If you ask this question, you can test a lot of questions: If a job seeker has a good academic performance, he will say, "Yes, I have a good performance, and all the results are excellent. Of course, judge whether a student is
I think that my score is important during my school career. Other aspects include ideological and moral, practical experience, team spirit, and communication skills, I have done well in these aspects.
It should be said that I am a student with all-round development ." If the job seeker's score is not satisfactory, he will say, "I think that the criteria for a good student are diversified. I still have a good academic performance. In other aspects, my performance is also good.
It is very prominent. For example, I have worked as an intern in many places. I like to work under fast pace and pressure. I have organized ×× activities in student unions, I have exercised my team spirit and organizational skills."
Experienced recruiters will understand that foreign companies like honest job seekers.

5. Talk about your family.

When interviewing foreign companies, you don't have to know your questions.
The status of the job owner's family and privacy inquiry. Foreign companies do not like to explore personal privacy, but need to understand how the family background shapes and influences the job seeker. Foreign companies also hope to hear about the positive impact of their families on job seekers. Most foreign companies
What I like to hear is: I love my family! My family has always been very harmonious. Although my father and mother are both ordinary people, I have seen my father grow up early and greedy. I work hard every day and his actions are invisible.
I have cultivated a serious and responsible attitude and a hardworking spirit. My mother is kind, enthusiastic and helpful to people, so she is very nice in her organization and she has been teaching me how to behave. Foreign companies
The harmonious family relationship has a subtle influence on the growth of a person.


6. What do you think about the development trend of the industry and technology?

Foreign companies are very interested in this issue, and only candidates who have been prepared can pass. Job seekers can directly search for information about the industry departments you apply for online. Only in-depth understanding can produce unique insights. Foreign companies
I think the smartest job seeker knows a lot about the interviewed company in advance, including the various departments and development of the company. When answering questions during the interview, I can refer to the situation I know, foreign companies are welcome to join the company.
"Self", not "blind ".

7. What do you think is missing from the position you applied?

Foreign companies like to ask job seekers for weaknesses, but savvy job seekers
Generally, no direct answer is provided. They want to see such job seekers: continue to repeat their advantages, and then said: "for this position and my abilities, I believe that I am competent, but lack of experience, this question
I think I can solve the problem in the shortest time after entering the company. I have a strong learning ability. I believe that I can quickly integrate into the company's corporate culture and enter the working state ." Foreign companies like to cleverly escape difficult job seeking

8. What is your expected salary?

The salary level of foreign companies is flexible, and the ability to pay what kind of salary. Foreign companies like straightforward people, but this problem
But I cannot answer the question positively. Foreign companies hope to hear: "With my abilities and advantages, I am fully qualified for this position. I believe I can do well. However, your company's description of this position is not very specific.
You can postpone the discussion ". Foreign companies are welcome to give them a pay-as-you-go Degree of Freedom, rather than biting a price code.

9. What can you bring to the company?

Foreign companies really want
Knowing what employees can do for the company in the future, job seekers should repeat their advantages and then say, "with my abilities, I can be a good employee who can make full use of his abilities in the Organization, it brings efficiency and greater benefits to the Organization.
Benefits ". Foreign companies like job seekers to express their abilities in the positions they apply for, such as marketing. They can say: "I can develop a large number of new customers. At the same time, provide comprehensive and thoughtful services to old customers
Send new demands and consumption from old customers ." And so on.

10. Do you have any questions?

The problem of foreign companies seems dispensable. In fact, it is critical that foreign companies
People who do not like to say "no problem", because they pay great attention to the personality and innovation ability of employees. Foreign companies do not like job seekers to ask questions such as personal benefits. If someone asks, does your company have any questions about new employees?
Can I join the training program? Or what is the promotion mechanism of your company? Foreign companies will be very welcome, because it shows your enthusiasm for learning, your loyalty to the company, and your self-motivated.


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