Preparing to use the Office 365 China Edition-install

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The installation media for Office suites in Office 365 is somewhat different from the installation media for traditional office suites, although the features are the same. Therefore, if you purchased an Office 365 subscription with an office suite, be sure to download the installation media from the portal on Office 365 to install it. If the machine already has a legacy Office suite installed, uninstall it first, even if the version is the same. Although you can enter an Office 365 subscription account in a traditional office suite to activate the Office suite, there are often some puzzling questions in use, especially with online features/ Services, such as when you save a file to OneDrive or a SharePoint document library.

The installation files downloaded from the portal for Office 365 are small, but they are just a setup boot file. A network connection is required during the installation process to install properly. Depending on the network bandwidth used and the machine configuration, the entire installation process typically lasts 20 minutes to 40 minutes, and the download volume is approximately 1.2GB. Of course, here we are talking about the Office 365 China edition. It seems that Microsoft (Century interconnect) has deployed a fairly good CDN distribution accelerator in China, and the download speed during installation is still very satisfying. Company network speed limit, third-stream broadband providers, except. If you install Office 365 International, the download speed is much slower than the Chinese version of Office 365, but still within acceptable range (Unicom network).

If you are centrally deployed in a medium or large enterprise, the above approach is obviously inappropriate-each user is downloaded and installed once, apparently wasting network bandwidth resources and completely inefficient. In this scenario, enterprise IT administrators can contact the century-connected Office 365 technical support to get a bulk-deployed offline installation package and a bulk-install Deployment Guide. Distribute the offline installation package to each user through intra-enterprise channels-Copy, internal ftp/http download, centralized deployment service, etc.

When Windows users download the installation media, be careful to select the corresponding version--x86, x64. While 64-bit systems can install the 32-bit version of the Office suite, there are some machines where Skype for business is unable to make voice/video calls, in the case of suspended animation or crashes.

You will be prompted for an account and password for Office 365 to log in before the installation process ends or when you first use an office component. When you log on correctly, the Office component is activated automatically.

There are only 5 Office components for the Mac version: Word,excel,powerpoint,outlook,onenote. Skype for business does not have a Mac version yet, and Lync for Mac 2011 is still in the Mac version, and Lync for Mac 2011 installs the latest patches before you can sign in to Office 365.

Preparing to use the Office 365 China Edition-install

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