President Nintendo's speech at E3

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Wii is determined to have revolutionary changes, which are very promising. President Nintendo's statement is quite similar to that of his family strategy. His goal is everyone, not just game players, but also the same thing.

It is worth noting that the Wii gamepad (a recently released traditional gamepad) has the Home key. Like Xbox, the Home key will certainly not be used in games, so ...... In addition, the Wii will be equipped with a dedicated Opera browser that can be manipulated using the Wii's revolutionary remote control. In other words, the Wii can also use the advertisement word "accessing the Internet with the remote control, and it is likely to be a real Web browser. We can see that Nintendo's ambition to expand game consoles to become more universal terminals is no less than Microsoft's.

Snda invests a lot of resources for its home strategy. However, the organizational structure and design capability are flawed, and the user experience will become a weakness of snda products.

Regarding the experience, Nintendo's father of Mario Gong benmao said that the most difficult part of the Wii development process is the development of the handle. "Reduce the number of buttons as much as possible and give gamers who do not usually have access to the game Easy to use. When watching others play the game, they also want to participate ...... These game consoles are the best ."

Snda's EZ home is likely to be available in the fourth quarter of the same way as the PS3 and Wii. If there are no innovative highlights, it is unlikely that it is better than the current Xbox 360, what about PS3 and the revolutionary Wii?

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