Press release system (top) ——— preliminary study and front-desk

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through the self-examination, back to look at the press release system, a lot of the front content has forgotten. Just finished reading the previous section, now to review.

To develop a system, the first thing to do is to write documents and drawings, beef brisket teacher first is to write a design manual, draw the software interface diagram. With the concept of the whole, then the database design, the beginning of software coding.

Backstage (1-17 episodes)

In the machine room reconfiguration, we already knew the stratification, the stored procedure, the trigger, the SQLHELP, the configuration file. These are to reduce the burden on the D layer, better let the program improve the speed of operation! This time in the press release system in the form of C #, a lot of practice.

Where SQL injection is a new word, after watching the teacher's explanation of the beef brisket, I know that SQL injection is some people use you in the database design, writing defects, to the operation of your database, to prevent this happens is the method of passing parameters to replace the concatenation of strings, in the computer room, We are using parameters to pass the data. Do you remember the sentence that wrote the argument? The @cardno?

Front Desk (18-35 episodes)

The main use of the front desk css+div to achieve, CSS is the style and content separated, that is, on different pages, this can be better decoupled, which involves a lot of CSS properties, these are need of our familiar.

CSS also has a lot of properties, and as we increase the demand for the interface, these properties will become more and more familiar. We will certainly make a very beautiful interface!

The birth of the news development system, there are a lot of considerations, such as the normative database design, code, the integrity of the comments, the diversity of user considerations, with the subsequent learning, his understanding will gradually deepen, knowledge points better converge into the river!


Press release system (top) ——— preliminary study and front-desk

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