Preventing violence from cracking Windows 8 system passwords

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The lower-version Windows system uses character passwords, which, however complex, are theoretically possible to be violently cracked. and WIN8 system in order to prevent viruses, trojan program intrusion, using a very special picture password login function, the login method does not contain regular character content, virus, trojan program in the crack will not be able to do, which obviously will greatly improve the system security capabilities.

When you use the picture password to log on to the WINDOWS8 system, you can move the mouse pointer to the right side of the screen, eject the Charms Control Panel, select the "Settings" option, press the "Change computer Settings" button at the bottom of the page, and enter the computer settings change pages. From the list on the left side of the page, click the "Users" tab to expand the tab Settings page as shown in the picture.

Next in the "Login Options" location of the page, click the "Create Picture Password" button, pop-up Image Password Create Wizard dialog box, follow the prompts to enter the old login password, and then choose a very familiar with the picture, we suggest that you try to choose more regular, or the picture content of the comparison has characteristics of the picture, Because the user will enter the password can only be straight, circle and point, select lines and circles, there are length and size of the points, it is very easy to forget, so the best way is point, and it is best to choose the location of the picture and characteristics. In this way, when you log on to the Windows system again, you will be able to login with the image password, even if you tell others, you do not have to worry about the password is brute force.

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