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First, use the automatic recovery function:

Word 2000/XP

can automatically recover data that has not been saved. All you have to do is click Options on the Tools menu, click the Save tab, and select the AutoSave interval check box, and in the Minutes box, enter a time interval to determine when Word 2000/xp saves the document. The shorter the time, the more frequently the word 2000/xp save the document, the more information that can be recovered when a power outage or similar problem is opened in Word 2000/xp, and generally we set it to 1 minutes.

After the above settings, all documents that are open when a power outage or similar problem occurs will be displayed the next time you start Word, and you can save them. However, before replacing the original document, verify that the recovery file contains the information you need and do not overwrite the original file.


(1) Word 2000/XP/XP's timed save file is valid only for doc files, other files are invalid, so I suggest that you save the document as Word format when editing, and so on, and then save it as another format.

(2) The "AutoRecover" feature does not equate to a normal document save. If you choose not to save after Word 2000/xp opens the recovery file, the file is deleted and unsaved changes are lost. If you choose to save the recovery file, it replaces the original document (unless you specify a new file name for it). From

Second, make the document automatic backup

If we can keep a backup of our documents when we save them, that will certainly make the document much more insured. In Word 2000/xp, we can set it up so that it saves the backup of the document: Click Options on the Tools menu, select the Save tab, select the Keep backup check box, and click OK. After this setting, Word 2000/XP automatically saves the backup of the document.


(1) Note that Word automatically saves its backup when editing the document, instead of ". Bak", but ". wbk", and if the document is not open, simply open the backup document by selecting "All Files" in the Open range.

(2) The backup provides the last saved copy so that the information that is currently saved is saved in the original document and the last saved information is saved in the copy. Each time you save a document, a new backup replaces an existing backup. So you don't have to worry about accidentally saving unwanted information or deleting the original file, and keeping the backup will keep your work from being lost.

Iii. restoring text in a damaged document

Sometimes when we try to open a document, the computer may be unresponsive for a long time, indicating that the document may be corrupted. This is also not a concern, because Word 2000/XP automatically uses a dedicated file recovery converter to recover text from a corrupted document the next time you start Word 2000/xp. You can also use this file converter to open a corrupted document at any time and restore the text in it. And it's simple to operate:

Click Options on the Tools menu, click the General tab, and confirm the Confirm conversion on open check box is selected, and then click OK. Click the Open button later, and then click the Recover Text from any File option in the File type box to successfully open the corrupted document and save it in Word format or another format (for example, text or HTML format). Text in paragraphs, headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, and fields will be restored to normal text.

Tip: If you don't see restore text from any file in the File type box, you need to install the appropriate file converter, click the Microsoft Office option on the Install/Uninstall tab, and install the Text Recovery tool.

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