Preventive Treatment for migraine

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So far, there is no special treatment method, which can never recur! However, practice has proved that in addition to psychological adjustment and diet, the most effective treatment method for patients is to carry out preventive treatment during the intermittent period of headaches.

1. Less 3C food
Preventive Treatment for migraine
Cheese, chocolate, citrous fruit, as well as pickled sardines, chicken liver, tomatoes, milk, lactic acid drinks, etc. The main cause of vascular spasm is the presence of casein, so if you have a history of headaches, you 'd better stay away from these foods.

2. Be careful with sausages and hot dogs

Sausages, hot dogs, ham, bacon, and other cured meat, processed meat and other foods containing nitrite, and foods containing MSG will harm your migraine. It is best to eat less in daily life.

3. Be cautious with sugar substitute food

The study found that the sugar substitute aspartame will over-stimulate or interfere with peripheral nerves, increase muscle tension, and lead to a headache. Low-sugar cola, low-sugar soda, sugar-free chewing gum, ice cream, comprehensive vitamins, and many others all contain Aspen. Therefore, people who are allergic to Sugar substitutes may have a headache if they sip a small mouthful of low-sugar soda.

Note: Check the food content mark on the product package. When amino acids, aspartic acid, or phenylalanine are found, avoid them as much as possible.

In addition, Liu Yanping, a nutrition doctor at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, suggested that honey should be used to replace sugar and sugar substitutes to increase the sweetness of food or drinks.

4. Exercise caution when using painkillers, cold syrup

Painkillers may be an attractive trap. Many people take painkillers in private to reduce the pain. However, taking painkillers too much will not relieve the pain. On the contrary, it will lead to an "elastic headache" caused by the drug, causing you to suffer from a chronic headache. If you take more than 2 or 3 painkillers a week to relieve the pain, please go to the doctor immediately!

5. Have some magnesium!

Magnesium can regulate blood flow and relax muscles. Some people may suffer headaches even if they only lack a little magnesium. The National headache Foundation of the United States recommends that you add 500 ~ 750 mg magnesium agent.

Notes: Magnesium supplementation has the side effects of diarrhea, so it is best to consult a doctor and take it according to your doctor's advice. You can also eat more foods with high magnesium content on weekdays, such as whole cereals, nut seeds (such as sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts), cauliflower, and tofu.

6. Vitamin B2 supplementation

The study found that oral high doses of vitamin B2 can reduce the frequency and duration of migraine attacks, but the dose should not exceed 400 mg a day.

7. Coffee makes you happy and worries you

Caffeine can stimulate the nervous system, interfere with sleep, and be addicted to drinking more, which can lead to headaches when you quit coffee. Therefore, the amount of coffee consumed in a day should be less than 100 mg (about a cup of coffee ).

8. Drink less red wine

All alcohol drinks can cause headaches, especially red wine containing more chemicals that can induce headaches. If you really want to have two drinks, you 'd better choose the colorless liquor, such as vodka and liquor.

9. Learn to decompress

If you often suffer from migraine due to work pressure, you may want to use bubble warm water bath or try some muscle relaxation techniques, such as abdominal breathing techniques: slowly inhale, make the abdomen fully external drum, when breathing, gradually flat the abdomen.

10. Regular Motion

The doctor pointed out that for those with migraine, the focus on breathing training and interest adjustment (such as yoga and qigong) can help patients stabilize the self-discipline nervous system, relieve anxiety, muscle tension and other symptoms.

11. sleep pattern, refuse to turn the morning faint upside down

It is especially important for people with migraine to regularly go to bed and get up even on holidays. Because insufficient sleep or too much sleep can lead to migraine.

12. Make good use of hot compress and ice packs

When you have a headache, try to put the hot bag on your neck and ice bag on your forehead. Cold/hot stimulation can help you relieve muscle tension and reduce pain points.

13. Perform shoulder and neck exercises

Some parts of the neck and shoulder muscles are under pressure, which can aggravate migraine, and even lead to chronic migraine in people who have never had a headache. For office workers, if you need to use a computer for a long time, pay attention to the screen and seat height and sitting posture. It is best to take a 10-minute rest every 50 minutes of work, and often move your neck and shoulders around.

14. drinking plenty of water during menstruation

Headaches often occur during female menstrual periods. Therefore, when the menstrual period is approaching and between the menstrual periods, it is better to drink more water than usual to help the body detoxify and effectively reduce the incidence of headaches.

15. Be careful with your perfume and many cleaners

Strong smells, such as cigarettes and cigars, paint, exhaust gas, detergents and chemical detergents, printing ink, etc., can cause headaches. In normal days, it is best to open windows frequently for ventilation, and try to avoid close to gas stations and other places with a strong pungent smell.

16. use contraception with caution

Some women start to have a migraine after taking birth control pills for the first time. Some experts believe that women with migraine may even be at increased risk of stroke when taking birth control pills.

17. Wear your sunglasses

Neurology doctor reminds everyone: strong sunlight and reflection flashes can increase the incidence of migraine by 25%-30%. Therefore, when people with migraine go out, it is best to wear sunglasses to avoid glare.

18. Creating a quiet environment

A strong environment of light and noise can induce migraine. More than 70% of migraine patients are extremely sensitive to loud noises. During the decoration, it is best for the workers to enhance the sound insulation effect of the room, and the curtain should be slightly thicker.

20. Fish to prevent headaches

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