Principle of decrypting neutral grey color

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The use of digital cameras to take photos, the appearance of color bias is more common, almost all digital cameras will have a certain degree of the color of the image, but the naked eye feel that can be accepted, so it is not. Digital photos with a bias color can be corrected using Photoshop, and the method of correcting chromatic digital photograph has a variety of methods, this example introduces the method is to first determine black, white field, and then look for "18 degrees in gray" method, this method has been foreign PS experts strictly confidential, domestic also very few people revealed.

Step 1, first turn on the need to correct the color of the digital photos, carefully observed, open the most white and black area of the photo. We call it "white field" and "black Field", as shown in the figure. (Note that the white and black fields do not refer to the white and black areas of the picture itself, but to the closest white and black dots in the scene that the photograph reflects)

Step 2, enlarge the location of the black field, find one of the darkest color blocks, then select the image-Adjust-curve command, select the black eyedropper, and then click the darkest piece of the picture, as shown.

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