Print garbled fault

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Fault symptom:
All printed by the printer is garbled characters.

1. DriverProgramCaused
When printing garbled characters occurs, we all think that the fault may be caused by the printer driver, so we deleted the printer, reinstalled it once, and re-installed the original printer driver. I thought this would eliminate the printing fault. I did not expect to use the printer again to print the test content, and found that the printed content is still garbled characters.

2. Printer hardware faults
Is there a hardware problem with the printer itself? To check whether the printer has any hardware faults, we can use the printer's unique offline inspection function to quickly confirm whether the printer runs properly. First, correctly put the printed paper into the printer's paper trough, and power off the printer, at the same time press the high-speed print button in the printer control panel, and then re-connect the printer power. Then, the printer automatically involved the printed paper and began to print the content of the self-check report. Then I found that all the previous garbled characters were gone and all the printed characters were normal, obviously, printer devices do not have any hardware faults.

3. Printer physical connection failure
After troubleshooting through the above methods, the possible cause of the garbled error is that the physical connection between the printer and the local computer is abnormal, so try again with a new printed connection cable, after re-trying the print operation, we found that the printed content was normal. So far, the printer encountered a garbled character fault and it was quickly solved.

Another possibility is computer viruses. You can use the latest anti-virus software to eliminate viruses.

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