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Article Title: printed server created with CoyoteLinux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

Basic hardware requirements: A 486DX or above CPU, 8 M memory, a soft drive or a 40 m hard drive, with more than one parallel printing port (LPT1, LPT2, LPT3) and a NIC (PCI Nic is recommended. If you use a CPU below 486DX or an older ISA Nic, go to the website to download the corresponding CPU module and configure and download the corresponding driver module modules with reference to your Nic. lrp ).
Install WinZip and WinImage on the computer where you create the software.

Preparation of a floppy disk

1. DownloadPrintsrv. imzFloppy disk image file.
2. Download the corresponding NIC Driver Module (modules. lrp)
If the NIC is 3C590 or 3C900 or 3C905 (PCI), downloadModules. lrp
If the NIC is NE2000 (PCI such as RTL8029), downloadModules. lrp
If the NIC is Intel Pro/100, Pro/10 + PCI, downloadModules. lrp
If the NIC is Realtek 8139 based cards, downloadModules. lrp
For more network cards, goHttp:// from the website
3. Use the WinImage software to write the printsrv. imz file to a new 1.44M floppy disk. And write your NIC Driver Module file modules. lrp to this floppy disk. The printing server software of this floppy disk version has been made. After the disk is started, the IP address of the server is If you need to modify the IP address, Log On As root after the disk is started.

Hard Disk version Creation

1. Use MSDOS to format the hard disk partition. The first bootable C partition must be 16 bits, do not upload the DOS system file (make sure it is a clean 16-bit DOS partition ).
2. Download an objectPuredos. imz, Write it to a blank M floppy disk,
3. download the following eight files
(1) "target = _ blank rel = nofollow>Linux.zipRelease the linux Files.
(2)Root. lrp
(3)Local. lrp
(4)Log. lrp
(5)Etc. lrp(This file is the network configuration file of the network card, and the IP address of the printed server is If you need to modify the file, log in as the root user after it is started)
(7)Syslinux. cfg
(8) download the corresponding NIC Driver Module file [modules. lrp]. For more information, see create a floppy disk.
4. Open the power of the print server, start it with the above floppy disk, and then type the following command to send the Linux boot file to the hard disk.
Syslinux-s c:
5. Copy the above eight files to the hard disk (drive C) (Note: The first file is not, but a linux File released from it ). Now the hard disk printing server has been created.

The above is throughHttp:// introductions on the website are sorted out. Please correct the mistakes.


Client settings


Windows XP (Windows 2000 ):
Click Start... (Control Panel)... printer and fax... Add a printer... Connect to the local printer on this computer (remove the check box before the plug-and-play printer is automatically detected and installed ).. click Next .. click create new Port, select Standard TCP/IP Port, next, add to the printer name or IP address, and add Port name: Any, next, next, and select the printer you want to install.

Windows 9x/Me:
1. InstallationHP-Standard-TCP_IP-Port_Win9x.exeSoftware, and then restart the computer.
Second, first install the printer you want to install on the local port lpt1.
3. Change the port used by the printer, right-click the printer icon you just installed, click "properties", click "details", and click "add Port ", select "others", click HP Standard TCP/IP Port, and click "OK". Next, add to the printer name or IP address, and add any Port name. Next, click "Next, application, OK. Now you can try the printer.

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