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The printer can't print what do we do? "Unable to print" is mostly due to printer use, installation, improper settings, viruses, printer damage, printer port failure can also cause the printer can not print. If the printer is in Windows

9x cannot be printed, you can check the processing as follows:

1. First check to see if the printer is online, and on most printers, there is a small light next to the online button indicating the status of the line, and the online led should be in illuminated steady state. If the LED is not lit or blinking, the online instruction is not working properly. Please check that the printer is powered on, the printer power switch is turned on, and the printer cable is connected properly.

2. If the online LEDs appear to be online correctly, turn off the printer and then open it again to try printing the document again. This operation clears the print document data stored in the printer's memory and solves many problems, but sometimes this method causes the print output to be confused and will not print properly until the system is restarted.

3. Check to see if the printer has been set as the default printer. Select Start/Set/printer, open the Printers window, check for a small black hook on the currently used printer icon, or, if not, right-click the printer icon, select Set as default, and set the printer as the default printer. If the printer window does not have the printer you are currently using, double-click the Add Printer icon, and then follow the prompts to install the printer.

4. Check to see if the current printer is set to suspend printing by right-clicking the printer icon in the Printers window and checking for a small hook (such as ^07030406a^1) on the Pause Printing option in the Drop-down menu that appears. If the Pause printing option is selected, deselect the small hook on the option, and then print again.

5. Type a few lines of text in Notepad or WordPad, and then click Print on the File menu. If you can print a test document that may be a problem with the program you are using, check to see if the correct printer is selected in the WPS, Word, or other application that you are using, and if it is the application-generated print file, check to see if the program generates the correct print output.

6. Too little space on your hard disk can cause the printer to not print. Check that the free space on your hard disk is less than 10MB by right-clicking the Windows98 hard disk icon (usually a C disk) in My Computer, selecting Properties, opening the current hard drive Properties window, and checking hard disk space on the General tab. If the hard disk space is less than 10MB, you must empty the Recycle Bin, delete temporary files on your hard disk, delete expired or archived files on your hard disk, and remove unused programs to free up more space to print.

7. Check that the printer driver you are using is appropriate and configured correctly. The method is to right-click the printer icon in the Printers window, select the Properties option in the Drop-down menu that appears, open the printer Properties window, and check the following in the details option (such as ^07030406b^2):

(1) in the print to the following Port selection box, check that the printer port settings are correct, the most commonly used port is set to "LPT1: Printer Port", but some printers require a different port.

(2) in the "Print using the following driver" selection box, check to see if the driver used is appropriate.

(3) If a failure occurs when printing a large file, add the "timeout setting" value in the Timeout settings section. This option is valid only for printers that are directly connected to your computer and are not available when you use a network printer.

8. Check that the printer port in the BIOS is turned on, the printer port in the BIOS should be set to Enable, and note that some of the earlier printers do not support ECP type print port signals, and you should set the print port to Normal, SPP, and Ecp+epp to try.

9. Check if there is a virus, use anti-virus software antivirus try.

10. Check that the printer cable connection is plugged in, and you must ensure that the cables connecting the computer and the printer are plugged in. If you use a printer switching device (such as a port scanner, printer share), connect the printer directly to your computer without switching the device, and then try to print. If the device does not go through the switch to print correctly, there is a problem with the switching device.

11. Check to see if the printer driver is corrupted, the "printer driver" corruption can cause the printer to not print, right-click the printer icon, select Delete, double-click Add Printer, reinstall the printer driver, and then print again. If the reinstall will work correctly, the problem is a corrupted printer driver.

12. Check the printer for printing paper, ribbons, and other necessities, such as whether there are any papers in the feed tray, whether the printer is jammed, the toner cartridge, ribbon, or toner.

such as after the above inspection or unable to print, the cause of the failure may be one of the following three: first, the printer cable disconnection, the second is the printer damage, the third is the printer port failure. Printer cable disconnection and printer damage can be checked by replacement method, if the printer fails, please send the printer repair; If the motherboard printer port is damaged, add a multi-function card, in the BIOS to turn off the motherboard printer port to implement printing.

Overall, the windows9x "Unable to print" Troubleshooting is not difficult to solve, but also need you to practice, to all of the troubleshooting.

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