Privilege Escalation to intranet forwarding

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This article has no passion, because the author's language level is limited
Cause: to learn about Intranet penetration, I found a site,
Directly jump to get shell
The Copyright is actually more about Diaosi's love ~
View Components ~

OK support ,~ Run the CMD command directly ~

Read the Basic Information


. Net user. You can add an account directly for visual testing.


Not Echo? I will go. So proceed to pr


Not OK? I did not think of any problems at half past one. I found a pr with no parameters,


OK .. Open remote connection
Nima cannot connect?

After reading this, we actually opened 3389. Is it Intranet .?
Then ipconfig looked at it.
Confirm the Intranet. Forward immediately.
Lcx uploaded
Run the following command:
Because I am an intranet, I use a server for forwarding.

The local machine executes the listener and forwards it in shell

The server IP address is hashed.

The forwarding is successful.

The code is broken ,. You cannot understand



Then, the Intranet penetrated. First use hsacn to scan down. Not bad

Weak passwords of two mysql instances indicate that they will be compromised again,
Then you can see the data of a pop3 mailbox. Find the address and see if you can find something ~,

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