"Probing" in the beginning of Beijing, or "talking"

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Blink of an eye, come to Beijing almost a week, today, suddenly come to the mood, want to record their own just come to Beijing, for the future better in this life to do under the psychological cushion.
March 5, the processing of all the things in Jinan, in advance in understanding the Beijing market, sat on the train, full of anticipation of the mood, experience the speed of the highest speed 305km/h, 2 hours later, 12:04, finally set foot on the land of Beijing. The train is parked at Beijing South Railway station, a person came here, get off the car, with the people, I found the exit. Greeted by the unfamiliar environment, the footsteps do not know where to move. But after a few steps, a taxi driver looks like a middle-aged man, stopped my way, came to ask me: "Young man, where to go, ride?" "Is there a hotel near here?", "Come on, get in the car, I'll take you there, it's still quite far from the hotel", I got into his electric car, and after a 7-8-minute distance, I came to some place to rent a house. Beijing South Railway station is still very close, in the car, the middle-aged man asked me where, I said it is Shandong. Then he said, we are the fellow. I asked him where he was, and she said it was heze. Good coincidence, I still think so, now want to, Sister's, Big city, a car on the encounter fellow, this too has fate. No matter what he says is true or false, I don't believe in 90%.
Came to the hotel, added 3 nights of room rate (because of a person to Beijing, the house work is not, I do not know whether the first rent or first to find a job, before online to know a netizen, said the first temporary live his that, but, in the psychological trouble, I still stay in the hotel), before the resume in Shandong in Beijing, Then contacted the interview company, so after the afternoon, I went to the first technology company (days Lok Lian line), rolling around, came to the company's office building, after a beauty hr came to pick me up, ushered in the first round of interviews. I was full of confidence in the company, but after an afternoon of interviews, the first thing I did was to do a question, and then I asked what I did. When I got my first interview question, I was a little bit blindfolded, seemingly very simple things, but simply can't think out, perhaps by using a computer search, the answer will come out quickly. But the interview tube has not gone, I have no way, after his guidance in the case, I have to do two basic problems to make, and then he let me introduce my own projects, and then I recite out. See the interviewer helpless expression, my mental face anxi, have a chance!...... After he went out, after a minute, beautiful hr back to tell: "Hello, because you just came to Beijing, if it is someone else I would say will home, such as notice, but you now out of where to find the reason for the House, I am in your convenience, not suitable", "why?" "The director said the foundation was too poor," said also quite strange, but did not feel how sad, after all, is only the first interview, there is a chance, hr beautiful person is very good, directly sent me to the elevator door, she said to me: "Look at you also quite young, slowly come, work is still very easy to find, refueling bar", "Alas, It's not easy to come to Beijing, goodbye "," Well, good-bye "...
Out of the office building, look at the time, also fast 5 points more, mobile phone has no power, no mobile phone directly can not live ah, so I quickly take the subway line Line 4 to Beijing South railway station, Beijing's terrain really dare not let people compliment, seemingly can go out, but around a big circle or out, perhaps I am not familiar with the environment of reasons, I almost could not find the hotel, thought, finished, this is to sleep on the street. But I was not discouraged, trying to control the emotions, I thought, if the first day on the panic, then how to mix. Looking at the gradual sinking of the sunset, I leisurely looking for just get off the familiar environment, and finally returned to live in the place.
Back after I thought a lot, sorting out the 6th to interview the company, (too much, also thought that one day can interview a 7, 8, but the road wasted time and interview time, just a day two home, after daily control to 3 home, ran broke leg, but also can, tired and happy, there is no fear of the goal), That night I decided, 6th to find another day of work, Saturday Sunday went directly to find a house, and then in the vicinity to find a job, tentative Haidian district. So I and the hotel's working young man to discuss can retire a day's room money, from the original live 3 days changed to two days, then he told me, can but to buckle point. Why "Because you remember the middle-aged man who pulled you, he helped you introduce the House, every night he also want to earn you 15, ah, the Beijing this piece, they are the package, everywhere they go to the hotel to give people, everywhere is a trap." "I felt as if I had been caught in a hole here," he told me. Young man Gao Me: "Later do not let them send you, you can use mobile phone to search the nearby house ah, you so let them introduce you to the House, every night to spend more than dozens of dollars?" Pessimist: MD, deceptive Guy, too TM will make money. 艹 艹 艹! Optimists: Hey, people this is for you to find the convenience ah, if just get off, without their introduction, a person pulling cumbersome luggage also strange tired, others also rely on the ability to make money, their own have not much loss, spend a convenient bai. “。 Later know, the railway station to find hotels or their own cheap, do not let them pull to you find, the first time to Beijing should pay attention to.
March 7, before contacting the property, came to the West two flag this side, rented the house, in this side of the traffic is more convenient reason (near metro line Line 13), live under. Beijing Community Rental Rent the words are generally less than 500-3000, the sun is very expensive, so good location, shared rental is generally the partition between, public toilets or separate toilets, communal restaurants. Room noise effect general like, next door young couple that what, can listen to the clear (is quarrel). Martial Arts bought a daily necessities to clean up the next room. March 8, before from the online understanding of a Anhui sister-in-school cool, and she has a tacit understanding, she is to study in Beijing, just, "the fate of thousands of miles to meet", that day and she went to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Yuanmingyuan, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhongguancun, some places need tickets did not go in, there will be time While still have student card this "pass", hurry to play rub. The way back in the afternoon, tired and fast, in a different place, there is a personal accompany really good.

Monday has come, "find a job recruit work, on go, whether it is high school graduation, university graduate ..." In the subway, Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi, tireless shouting, wandering in the subway inside. 9th on that day interviewed 3, feel that there is a chance, so, let me consider to give you an answer, then oneself occupy the initiative, suddenly feel at that time own force lattice high, combat effectiveness to ascend. The dawn is about to come. After all, 10th morning in a swoop to win the company. No. 11th work, although did not give their expected salary, really is a discount rebate, but in their own or fresh graduates, the loss is a blessing, there is no say, no diploma, also want to get high salary, unless the company is a fool to open. Transposition thinking is still good, at least feel in Beijing can live, slowly walk ... (Beijing is not scary, it's scary to be scared by yourself)

Today is March 16, time is fast, believe that all will be time to precipitate. Close your eyes and move on ...

"Probing" in the beginning of Beijing, or "talking"

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