Problem and resolution of Windows Server 2003 IIS Configuration Web site

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3 years ago, 1 months. NET Web Development, the technology is very vegetable, at that time just get started, do a little thing to play. But then for a lot of reasons to give up the web development, mainly for learning reasons and personal hobbies, do a lot of winform development. There is a small. NET Web page program that needs to be debugged on the server these days, and the local test is resolved quickly, with no problem. But to the server, anyway run not up, Google a lot of times, to finally solve the problem, deliberately in this note, but also to thank those who left experience to me, check a lot of Web pages, specifically do not remember. If I summed up the bad, there are other problems, direct Google, certainly OK. Oh, that's how I came here.

The main problem I encountered was: "Server Application Unavailable Error", "Unable to display Web page":

1, if your. NET version is 2.0 and above, it should be noted: Win2003 is the default installation of 1.1, installation. NET2.0, the application pool may conflict, see this problem: server applications are not available (servers application Unavailable) solution,

Open this path with the cmd command: c:/windows/ (version number).

Then execute the aspnet_regiis-r instruction, and there will be two mapping prompts, which will be fine after the execution is complete.

2. Configure the application pool: The application pool-> the DefaultAppPool-> attribute-> identifies-> button selections for radio predefined accounts, select Local System in its corresponding Drop-down menu, and then determine. If you jump out of the warning, don't worry. and open port 80. The specific reference to this article, my question is in the reference to this solved, thank Sjpisaboy article: Windows 2003 Server Configuration IIS Server (ASP, ASP. NET) all work slightly

3, may be caused by directory permissions, in the Site directory, add IIS_WPG and this two users can.

4, may be the problem of Web service extensions, open Web service extensions, will V2.0.50727 Select, allow ... Ok

Learn so much first, finally solved the problem.

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