Problems and solutions in LNMP Management Center

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First of all, to ensure that the LNMP architecture built successfully, the version below, personally tested.

1. LNMP Environment





PHP needs to include modules:





2. Other


You must include these or you will frequently make an error.

Several common errors are reported below.

Problem 1:warning:cannot Modify header information-headers already sent by (output started at/www/cache/cvmemcache.php:58) I n/www/web/default/center/do/user/cmdbase.php on line 373

This problem is because the database is not imported and the database is not found

Problem 2:fatal Error:class ' Memcache ' not found in/www/cache/cvmemcache.php in line 57

The following problem is that the memcached service is not started or memcache is not installed

Solution: Directly to the Internet to download and compile the installation but the version to be compatible, if not compatible or useless, if the memcached did not open, direct start can!

Question three: is a lot of people headache garbled problem! I also have a headache for a long time! Here are the solutions!

For example: http://xxx/xx/static_cmd/into this file

Then import the database

FLUSH privileges; Refresh rights add root password 123

Restart all service Services Nginxd restart

Service mysqld Restart

Service memcached Restart

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