Problems encountered at work--eclipse no method hints

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One, eclipse itself configuration problems
1. Open eclipse, then "window" → "Preferences"
2. Select "Java", expand, "Editor", and select "Content Assist".
3. Select "Content Assist" and see the "Auto" under "auto-activation" on the right, right
Activation triggers for Java "this option. Actually, it means "." is the trigger code hint. This symbol.
4. "Auto Activation triggers for Java" option in "." After the addition of ABC letters, convenient to find the following changes. Then "Apply" and click "OK".
5. Then, select any item "File" → "Export", select "Perferences" in the pop-up window and click "Next".
6. Select the export file path, I export to the desktop, enter "test" as the file name, click "Save".
7. On the desktop, locate the file "TEST.EPF" that you just saved, and right-select "Open with Notepad."
8. You can see a lot of configuration myeclipse information
9. Press "CTRL + F" shortcut key, enter ". ABC" and click "Find Next".
10. Find the configuration information for ". ABC".
11. Change ". abc" to ". ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (,", Save, Close "TEST.EPF").
12. Go back to the Eclipse interface, "File" → "Import", select "Perferences" in the popup window and click
Click "Next", select the "TEST.EPF" file that has just been modified, click "Open", click "Finish". This step
Similar to the export steps above.
13. Finally, of course, the code is tested. Just create a new project and create a new class. In code input Switch,foreach etc.
To test. You'll find out immediately that there is a hint, and no matter which letter you hit, there are a lot of relevant hints, very streaming
Very convenient.
Summary: The "Auto Activation triggers for Java" option refers to the option to trigger the code hint and "." Change
". ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (," means that it encounters 26 letters and that the symbols trigger the code hinting function.)
Finally: the time to automatically prompt the popup should be changed to less than 100 milliseconds
Second, check the keyboard shortcut keys, there may be conflicts

Problems encountered at work--eclipse no method hints

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