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This is the second installation of the use of Ubuntu, although the last time because not accustomed to and will not use one or two days to give up, the persistence of a little bit longer, the basic use of Ubuntu is also familiar. But because of the small number of applications on Ubuntu, commonly used software, such as Qq,photoshop, The software is not available for the use of like, so the daily use is mainly windows. Currently the computer is Windows7 and Ubuntu 14.04 Dual systems. Here are some minor problems and solutions:

Install the decompression (RAR) software to open the RAR file under Windows
sudo apt-get install Unrar

Shift+printscreen Cutting Screen

The settings do not have the language support processing method:
Install new (sudo install synaptic), open with root (sudo synaptic), search language find Language-selector-gonme and tick, then click Apply OK

Ubuntu is recommended to use Sogou Input method (need to install FCITX first, after installation in language support where to set the input sent to FCITX).
Sunpinyin cannot enter UE-related content.
SCIM in Gedit ESC and BACKSPACE, folder name return failure, Google browser can not use.

Graphics interface may be stuck (mouse can not move, press no response), this time you can use CTRL+ALT+F1 switch to the character interface, with CTRL+ALT+F7 switch back to the graphical interface

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