Problems for beginners-embedded TCP/IP protocol stack Development

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Problems for beginners-embedded TCP/IP protocol stack Development

In recent months, I have been studying the "embedded TCP/IP protocol stack" of "Neusoft training", and the LWIP Project ( Bbs_sn = 3349143 & bbs_id = 9999), took a lot of detours, took a lot of time, consulted a lot of people (thanks to them), and summarized some problems:

1. Is IP protocol stack important?

Many of them involve embedded software development.


2. Is it difficult to develop an "embedded TCP/IP protocol stack? What should I do?

It is not difficult to develop a simple one (for example, only the DHCP function is available ). To develop it, you don't need to open all the three TCP/IP volumes. You can start with just a little bit of understanding. Please refer to other people's projects and do it right away. Then, stick ............ Stick to it again.


3. How do I set the MAC address of the Development Board NIC (I used enc28j60?

I set the following rules: EE: DD: CC: BB: AA: 00. Some rules (for example, the minimum value of 4 bits is 0) are not required for a newbie. I need to find them again, the Forum provides a detailed description.


4. Who can communicate with the Development Board NIC (I use enc28j60? How to set the nic ip address?

During the test, enc28j60 communicates with "VMWare virtual network adapter vmnet8. The nic ip address of the Development Board must be in the same LAN as that of vmnet8. For example, my enc28j60 IP Address: and vmnet8:


3. How can I observe the transmission of project data?

Wireshark (known from a senior) is recommended. It is easy to operate and powerful, and can be used to listen to vmnet8.


4. Why does my DHCP fail to receive the offer packet?

I use a campus network and do not support dynamic access to IP addresses, that is, there is no DHCP server, I can activate VMware's Dhcp Service (it took a week or two to solve the problem ).


5. To be continued.


Hope to help you!

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