Problems installing MySQL failure: Prompt windows cannot turn on MySQL service

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Failed to install MySQL: Prompt windows cannot turn on MySQL service
Failed to install MySQL: Prompt windows cannot turn on MySQL service
The first installation can, but because and php5 is not connected, uninstall the installation, you will be prompted: in the last step of the installation program, prompted Windows cannot open the MySQL service 、、、、、
Excuse me, what is the reason for this??

See if the profile My.ini is in Windows, or if MY.CNF is in the C root directory

If MySQL is not placed in the C packing directory, in my.ini/cnf [client], join the basedir= path

Try again.

Hope Useful
It should be the last time the unload was unloaded.

According to the upstairs to remove My.ini, and then to the registry centimeter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE under the system under the CurrentControlSet services, the MySQL search out, delete.

Reload again.
Look at that, is there a program to share population the end of MySQL.

Should be the port was occupied by the last MySQL. At the command prompt, enter Netstat-ao
Find 3306 of the port, view the PID of the program, in the task Manager to remove the PID process can start MySQL
There must also be a MySQL-related service, check the service first, and make sure there is no reinstallation. Some words stop for a moment.
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