Problems needing attention when using Plsql developer for the first time

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Xiang Sir using A - bit win8.1 System and Installation - bit of orcle , the version is 11g~

because of the current Plsql Developer to be + in the first use, there will be no link Oracle database situation, this is because Plsql Developer does not support Oracle -bit Client connection, this article addresses the issue.

First, the details of the question:

1 , Database The drop-down box is empty:

2 , 2 , forcing the user name, password, and Database , login popup:


could not initialize
make sure you have the-bits Oracle Client installed.


loadlibrary (...)
returned 0

Second, the solution:

1 , installation Oracle Clinet

first to Oracle official website to download a Oracle 11g Client , but you'll need to apply for a Oracle account number in order to download.


This is a green version of the Oracle Client , once the download is complete, you can do so as needed. Extract the downloaded Oracle Client file to a directory that you want to install.

(I unzipped the D:\oracleexe\tools below)

Note: Do not lower - bit of.

2, and then after the decompressionD:\oracleexe\tools\instantclient_12_1directory under newNetwork\admindirectory, fromOracleDatabaseHOMEof the CatalogNetwork\adminCatalog (D:\oracleexe\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN) in theSqlnet.oraand theTnsnames.oraCopy to the newly createdADMINthe directory.

and then determine HOST If the configuration is correct, if HOST is the hostname, you need to remove the domain name behind the hostname)

3 , installation PL/SQL Developer

installation PL/SQL Developer the process is not much to say, self-Baidu installation package can be ~

It is important to note that the installation PL/SQL Developer software, do not install in a directory with parentheses , such as: Program Files (x86) directory, or it cannot be started PL/SQL Developer .

4 , open PL/SQL Developer program, click Cancel , open as a non-logon method.

5 , tools-preferences--links

6 , look directly at the picture, a little more straightforward ~

D:\oracleexe\tools\instantclient_12_1 (for the author decompression Instantclient_12_1 the path)


7 , click " Determine " , Exit PL/SQL Developer , log in again

This time can be run without unexpected situation ~

Problems needing attention when using Plsql developer for the first time

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