Problems with developing Django CMS

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Problems with developing Django CMS

Written in 2011-5-14
1. If you are too persistent in the beautification of the website interface, the development progress will be slow. Do you need an artist? Are you ready to spend money before you start making money?
2. website function development focuses too little and requires too little development.
3. Over-stick to the applications brought by Django, with no breakthrough or no fear of breakthrough.
4. It is difficult to integrate and transform open-source apps downloaded from the Internet. It is subject to human beings and has no breakthrough.
5. The design of the website database structure is too perfect. I always want to make a general article structure. I have many questions about the table structure and function development.
6. complicated code and different styles. This is the reason behind the integration of a large number of apps and requires complete transformation.
7. The code is only used to implement functions and has not been optimized for performance.
8. There are too many distractions, and it is difficult to concentrate. You need to find out what you want. Life can be simplified.
9. Not using large databases.
10. The test is not enough.

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