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"Unable to load MySQL extensions, check your PHP configuration" always appears when accessing phpMyAdmin. View the reason that "php_mysql.dll" cannot be loaded as.
For PHP 4.x users, follow the user manual instructions in the discuz!4.0 program to do the general. This problem occurs most users of PHP 5.x.
I have this problem when setting up the environment, want to look up the solution from this forum, a check discovers the person that encounters this problem is quite many.
Because it is just beginning to do PHP, so each program is downloaded now the latest, for the old bird may use earlier version of the habit, still do not like to use the latest, so the forum is difficult to find solutions, leaving us to find the answer to the novice.

Until two to solve this problem, to share with you. No more gossip, here is my final solution, I hope to meet the same problem friend is helpful.

The PHP version I used: Php-5.1.1-win32

Configure the environment according to the user's manual in the downloaded discuz!4.0.
The red section is the change relative to the manual description:
1. For php.ini files
Enter C:\PHP, copy php.ini-dist into C:\WINNT (C:\Windows under Windows xp/2003), change to PHP.ini, and then open with Notepad to search Extension_di with Notepad's lookup function. r = "./" and refer its path to the extensions directory in your PHP directory, such as: Extension_dir = "C:\PHP\ext", and then search register_globals = off to change off to on;
Look up, Extension=php_mysql.dll, put the front quote ";"
2, the Manual on the configuration of IIS instructions, the "Php\sapi\php4isapi.dll" to the PHP directory under the "Php5isapi.dll"
3, Important: In accordance with the manual instructions to copy the PHP directory, ext (Manual for php4x is extension, here should be ext) directory of DLL files to System32 based on, Then copy the Libmysql.dll file under the PHP directory to system32.

Restart IIS:
At the command prompt, execute each command:
net stop w3svc
net stop IISAdmin
net start w3svc

Look, it's settled.
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