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= I feel a strange question I have written, and I cannot understand it myself. Or delete it. This is only a souvenir.


_______________________________________________________ I am the separator 0.0 ________________________________________________________


The Application of Unicode characters, because the boss said that the Unicode Character Set should be used, we cannot simply set it to not use or use multiple character sets. Use text ("") or _ T ("").

Instead, strlen must use _ tcslen (_ T ("str "))


In vs2008, how to add class files written by others is better? The English version of the crack I used seems to be faulty. It is okay to add a class with 2010.

Ans: directly copy the file to your project directory. Then drag it into the vs directory.


In GDI +, the basic usage of matrix is mastered, but the principle does not seem to be easy to understand. As a result, the enlarged martrix image is not easy to process. Think about it as soon as possible. It has been relatively compact recently!

Ans: The amplification of martrix causes the entire image and target display area to be enlarged, which is difficult to control. The original method is used to zoom in the source display area.


In MFC, if there are two dialog box classes, one click, the one above is set to transparent, but the message clicked by the mouse is intercepted, how can the following framework intercept the above message?

Ans: Specifies the focus. When an onactive message is intercepted in the upper class, the returned value is changed to the parameter that does not accept the focus (view msdn. (In fact, the above message is not intercepted, but the focus is shifted)


I haven't written anything in a month. Today, we have a problem. How to Set The ListBox control Control in MFC to the first item by default.

Ans: setcursel (0); it cannot be dropped if setsel is used alone. Accumulate a small amount of data every day.

This is my first blog.

Are there any c ++-related QQ groups? This trip is the first time, and I hope to make progress together.

This is my penguin 172766269.

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