Problems with string transcoding to URL

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Parameter processing, url = "http: // 8080/androidserver/music/Eason Chan-exaggerated"
           In Chan yixun-exaggerated Before adding a URL, encode it first.
           Example: String Mm = "Chan yixun-float ";        
                    String Ss = urlencoder. encode (Mm, "UTF-8 "); // Here is the string encoded into a UTF-8
                     System. Out. println ("SS =" + SS );   
        // Output result  Ss=chen Yi xunqiang -w.e6}�
        // The space is encoded+ In this way, there is still a problem with the Space Encoding after the encoding, which needs to be processed. Continue below
                     Ss = ss. replaceall ("\\+ ","");// Because +Symbols are key characters in Java and must be escaped.
//It is the space encoding. If it is replaced here, no error will be reported for the URL.
                     Url = "http: /// 8080/androidserver/music/" + SS
                     Such URL textThe space parameter problem is solved. 






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URL special character escape and Solution
  1. Special characters in the URL must be escaped.
  3. 1. Replace space with the plus sign (+)
  4. 2. The forward slash (/) is used to separate directories and subdirectories.
  5. 3. Question mark (?) Separate URLs and queries
  6. 4. Specify special characters for the percent sign (% ).
  7. 5. # specifying bookmarks
  8. 6. & # separator Parameters 

Causes of escape characters:

If your form is submitted using the get method and the submitted parameters contain special characters such, on the service end, the & parameter is treated as another parameter. For example
The form action is list. JSF? Act = Go & State = 5
Then, request. getparameter can be used to obtain the values of act and state.
If your intention is the act = 'go & State = 5' string, You must escape & to get the exact act value on the server.

Principles of URL escape characters:

Convert these special characters into ASCII codes in the format of % plus the ASCII code, that is, a percent sign %, followed by the ASCII (hexadecimal) value of the corresponding characters. For example, the Space Encoding value is "".

  1. The URL special symbol and the corresponding hexadecimal value encoding:
  3. 1.+ URL"+" Indicates space.+
  4. 2.SpaceSpaces in the URL can be encoded with a plus sign (+ ).
  5. 3./ Separate directories and subdirectories/ 
  6. 4.? Separate the actualURLAnd Parameters? 
  7. 5.%Special characters% 
  8. 6.#Indicates bookmarks# 
  9. 7.&URLThe delimiter between the specified parameters in& 
  10. 8.=URLParameter Value in= 

Solution ):

Method 1,Modify the client and replace "+" in the "+" parameter of the client with "+" with "2B %". Then, when the parameter is uploaded to the server, "+" is displayed.

Method 2,Modify the server side and replace the space with "+". This method is only applicable when the parameter contains "+" and no space.


  1. StringA=Reuqest. getparameter ("clientstr"). Replace ('',' + ');

If the client is clientstr = test + OK, the value of a is test + OK;


Method 3,Modify the server side, change the method for obtaining parameters from reuqest. getparameter to request. getquerystring (). substring (0), and parse the obtained string.


  1. StringA=Request. getquerystring (). substring (0 );

If the client is clientstr = test + OK, then the value of A is clientstr = test + OK. You need to parse it again,

A = A. substring (10); The value of A is test + OK.


Appendix:A JavaScript code used to escape special characters in a URL.


  1. FunctionUrlencode (SSTR)
  2. {
  3.     ReturnEscape (SSTR). Replace (/\ +/g,'+'). Replace (/\ "/g, '"'). Replace (/\ '/g,'''). Replace (///g ,'/');
  4. }

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