Problems with the compatibility of IE and F

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4,ie and FF scripting compatibility issues
Event object Incident Ev
Event Delegate Oevent.srcelement
Roller OnMouseWheel Dommousescroll
Roller Oevent.wheeldelta Oevent.detail
Remove the Oevent.toelement oevent.relatedtarget
Move into Oevent.fromelement oevent.relatedtarget
Event Bindings Obj.attachevent Obj.addeventlistener
Unbind Event Bindings Obj.detachevent Obj.removeeventlistener
Cancel default event return False Oevent.preventdefault
Event Change Ot.onpropertychange ot.oninput
Page loading complete Document.onreadystatechange domcontentloaded
Gets the non-inline style Obj.currentstyle getComputedStyle
The ActiveXObject XMLHttpRequest in Ajax
Previous element obj.previoussibling obj.previouselementsibling
Do not select text Obj.setcapture/

Problems with the compatibility of IE and F

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