Procedural rivers and lakes: The Night Before Chapter 1

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Note: I am very sorry. I attended too many meetings this week. In the past, writing also requires a mood. When you are not in the mood, you are all lazy.

Ouyang Ming came to Yunnan for the primary purpose of responding to the requirements of Kunming customers. That is, the customer invited several qualified companies to demonstrate and explain their respective systems, and then conduct the selection. This time, they just want to speak. Ouyang Ming did not speak about the standard. This time, he did not speak about it. He was the local branch manager himself. The branch manager also has a "nickname". Therefore, the manager is called "bei ge" and has a well-known name: "Southwest Wang ". He is the market manager of several provinces in southwest China.

The southwest Wang is not a Gai. Ouyang Ming and his colleagues have to learn at least about the standard.

The evening before the speech mark, everyone was still conducting intense debugging and system verification. The ideas are clear, and the system is fully demonstrated in the order of the subject matter. No errors are allowed during the process. In this method, they were named "main process coverage", which was used continuously. The biggest benefit of this method is that it is verified based on the actual business, rather than simply functional verification, so the goal is very strong. However, even so, the system still reports errors.

"The framework of this system is too bad and must be improved !" Ouyang Ming cheered on them and began chatting slowly.

"It's better to rewrite it !" Ji Yang basically agreed with his idea, but he prefers to write it by himself rather than rewrite it.

"Well, rewriting is inevitable, because this product is currently expanding the customer and is still in the requirement collection stage. After the demand is stable, major version upgrades will inevitably occur ."

"When can I upgrade it ?"

"It still takes some time. The key is to solve the stability problem of the system ."

"Where should we start ?"

"At present, there are two main aspects that affect stability: the first is that there is unnecessary coupling between modules, resulting in frequent data consistency problems ."

"Well, yes ."

"The second problem is software performance problems when there is a large amount of data. Big projects often occur, and the system will stop eating ."

"Well, it is very troublesome to solve these two problems ."

"Yes, but the overall idea is quite clear. The idea of coupling is decoupling. Using interfaces, the module is independent and direct reference to the module is not allowed ."

"What about performance ?"

"Well, on the surface, the performance issue is very complicated because of a variety of reasons. However, for our systems, the performance often comes from the import of large data volumes (to SQLServer) and data acquisition on the server ."

"What about that ?" Ji Yang continues to ask.

"That is to say, we should first solve the data import model and then optimize the SQL statements obtained from the data in a timely manner ." Ouyang Ming explained this.

The discussion is not complete yet, but it is very late. Everyone should have a good rest to better cope with tomorrow's presentation. Therefore, after the last normal process was completed, Ouyang Ming issued the command for getting off work.

The next day, did their presentation go well?

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