Procedure for importing a Word file to testdirector8.0 (td8.0)

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The first line is the open tag.
The second line is the input content.
The third line is to close the tag.
If an error is reported, delete unnecessary tags from the bookmarks in the Insert menu to ensure one-to-one matching.


Use Word to import TD Requirement
Step 1
Create a new word file and click Open requirement. This is the name of the new root node.

Step 2
Set audit status flag
Generally not reviewed
The third step is to add a description of this requirement.
Click descr resume ption, and enter the information to describe.
Step 4: Click author
This is the creator field.
Step 5th,
Click to enter the end mark
At this time, a requirement that can import TD is complete.
Advanced Research: Nested settings
Below is an open and a close
(Open requirement)
(Close requirement)

* *** Is the content. You can set another open and close to form nesting.
(Open requirement)
(Close requirement)
The above process is to import the requirements in word to TD, on the premise that you need to install the plug-in download add-ins, the plug-in download can be downloaded to the home page of TD.


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