Process Module viewer and module Viewer

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Process Module viewer and module Viewer

The main interface is as follows:

The main code is as follows:

BOOL CEnumProcessDlg: OnInitDialog () {CDialog: OnInitDialog (); // Add the "about..." menu item to the system menu. // IDM_ABOUTBOX must be in the range of system commands. ASSERT (IDM_ABOUTBOX & 0xFFF0) = IDM_ABOUTBOX); ASSERT (IDM_ABOUTBOX <0xF000); CMenu * pSysMenu = GetSystemMenu (FALSE); if (pSysMenu! = NULL) {CString strAboutMenu; strAboutMenu. LoadString (IDS_ABOUTBOX); if (! StrAboutMenu. IsEmpty () {pSysMenu-> AppendMenu (MF_SEPARATOR); pSysMenu-> AppendMenu (MF_STRING, IDM_ABOUTBOX, strAboutMenu); }}// set the icon of this dialog box. When the main window of the application is not a dialog box, the framework will automatically // execute this operation SetIcon (m_hIcon, TRUE); // set the big icon SetIcon (m_hIcon, FALSE ); // set the small icon // TODO: add the additional initialization code LONG lStyle here; lStyle = GetWindowLong (m_ctrlList.m_hWnd, GWL_STYLE); lStyle & = ~ LVS_TYPEMASK; lStyle | = LVS_REPORT; SetWindowLong (values, GWL_STYLE, lStyle); DWORD dwStyle = values (); dwStyle | = LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT; dwStyle | = LVS_EX_GRIDLINES; dimensions (dwStyle ); values (0, _ T ("Process ID"), LVCFMT_LEFT, 75); m_ctrlList.InsertColumn (1, _ T ("Process Name"), LVCFMT_LEFT, 120); m_ctrlList.InsertColumn (2, _ T ("Paren T Process ID "), LVCFMT_LEFT, 115); m_ctrlList.InsertColumn (3, _ T (" Thread Count "), LVCFMT_LEFT, 90); ListProcess (); return TRUE; // return TRUE} void CEnumProcessDlg: OnSysCommand (UINT nID, LPARAM lParam) {if (nID & 0xFFF0) = IDM_ABOUTBOX) unless the focus is set to the control) {CAboutDlg dlgAbout; dlgAbout. doModal () ;}else {CDialog: OnSysCommand (nID, lParam) ;}// if you add the minimization button to the dialog box, you need the following code // to draw the icon. For MFC applications that use document/view models, // This will be automatically completed by the framework. Void CEnumProcessDlg: OnPaint () {if (IsIconic () {CPaintDC dc (this); // The device context SendMessage (WM_ICONERASEBKGND, reinterpret_cast <WPARAM> (dc. getSafeHdc (), 0); // center the icon in the work rectangle int cxIcon = GetSystemMetrics (SM_CXICON); int cyIcon = GetSystemMetrics (SM_CYICON); CRect rect; getClientRect (& rect); int x = (rect. width ()-cxIcon + 1)/2; int y = (rect. height ()-cyIcon + 1)/2; // draw the icon dc. drawIcon (x, Y, m_hIcon) ;}else {CDialog: OnPaint () ;}// the system calls this function to display the cursor when the user drags the smallest window. // HCURSOR CEnumProcessDlg: OnQueryDragIcon () {return static_cast <HCURSOR> (m_hIcon);} void CEnumProcessDlg: ListProcess (void) {HANDLE hProcessSnap; PROCESSENTRY32 pe32; hProcessSnap = CreateToolhelp32Snapshot (TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS, 0); if (hProcessSnap = INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) {CString strErr; strErr. format (_ T ("createconlhelp32snapshot failed: % d"), GetLastError (); AfxMessageBox (strErr); return;} pe32. DwSize = sizeof (PROCESSENTRY32); int index = 0; if (! Process32First (hProcessSnap, & pe32) {CString strErr; strErr. format (_ T ("Process32First failed: % d"), GetLastError (); AfxMessageBox (strErr); CloseHandle (hProcessSnap); return ;}do {CString strID; strID. format (_ T ("% d"), pe32.th32ProcessID); m_ctrlList.InsertItem (index, strID); m_ctrlList.SetItemText (index, 1, pe32.szExeFile); strID. format (_ T ("% d"), pe32.th32ParentProcessID); m_ctrlList.SetItemText (index, 2, strID); strID. format (_ T ("% d"), pe32.cntThreads); m_ctrlList.SetItemText (index ++, 3, strID);} while (Process32Next (hProcessSnap, & pe32 )); closeHandle (hProcessSnap);} void CEnumProcessDlg: OnContextMenu (CWnd * pWnd, CPoint point) {// TODO: add the message processing program code CMenu menu here; if (menu. createPopupMenu () = FALSE) {return;} if (pWnd = & m_ctrlList) {menu. appendMenu (MF_STRING, ID_SCANMODULE, _ T ("view dependency module"); if (m_ctrlList.GetSelectedCount () <0) {menu. enableMenuItem (ID_SCANMODULE, MF_DISABLED | MF_GRAYED) ;}} menu. trackPopupMenu (TPM_LEFTALIGN | TPM_RIGHTBUTTON, point. x, point. y, this);} void CEnumProcessDlg: ScanModule (UINT nID) {switch (nID) {case ID_SCANMODULE: {CString strProcessID = downlink (m_ctrlList.GetSelectionMark (), 0); CProcessModule dlgProcessModule; dlgProcessModule. m_dwProcessID = _ tcstoul (strProcessID, 0, 10); dlgProcessModule. doModal ();} break; default: break;} void CEnumProcessDlg: OnNMDblclkListProcess (NMHDR * pNMHDR, LRESULT * pResult) {// TODO: add the control notification handler code CString strProcessID = m_ctrlList.GetItemText (m_ctrlList.GetSelectionMark (), 0); CProcessModule dlgProcessModule; dlgProcessModule. m_dwProcessID = _ tcstoul (strProcessID, 0, 10); dlgProcessModule. doModal (); * pResult = 0 ;}


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