Process-oriented and object-oriented

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Process oriented
Process-oriented is a process-centric programming idea, it is a basic sequential thinking mode, the object-oriented approach to the basic implementation also includes the process-oriented thinking.
Features: Modular process

Advantages: The performance is higher than object-oriented, because the class calls need to instantiate, the cost is relatively large, compared to consume resources, such as SCM, embedded development, Linux/unix and other general use of process-oriented development, performance is the most important factor.

Cons: No object-oriented easy to maintain, easy to reuse, easy to expand

Object oriented
Object-oriented is a systematic way of thinking based on people's understanding of the objective world, using the concept of object (entity) to establish a model, simulating the method of analyzing, designing and implementing software in Objective world. Through the object-oriented concept, the computer software system can correspond with the real-world system one by one.
Features: Abstract wrapper inheritance polymorphism

Advantages: Easy to maintain, easy to reuse, easy to expand, due to the object-oriented packaging, inheritance, polymorphism characteristics, can design a low-coupling system, making the system more flexible and easier to maintain

Cons: Performance is less than process-oriented



Process-oriented and object-oriented

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