Process record of installing glib-2.44.1 under ubuntu14.04

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Installing glib-2.44.1

First of all, this is a tangled article, the right answer please see here

The tangle began:

Download Https://


To use the Autoconf build configuration script

Install the autoconf using Apt-get installation autoconf, which is a little bit slow.

And then run it under the Glib-master directory.


An error. undefined Macro:am_init_automake
If this token and others is legitimate, please use M4_pattern_allow.
See the Autoconf documentation.

This problem has not been solved, and a new problem is that I have glib-master in the virtual machine's shared folder and then copied to the root directory of Ubuntu,

A configure file will automatically appear under Glib-master, and I'll follow the installation documentation./configure also prompts bash:./configure:no such file or directory

I then used ls-l to list the details of the directory and the file, but found that the file was not configure at all in the list

Real strange!!!

Even if I want to delete this file, I will also be prompted no such file or directory, but this file is still naked in my file list.

First of all, someone on the internet says try installing Libtool.

Apt-get Install Libtool

The Internet is very ...

Finally installed, and then autoconf, this time no error.

Then ls-l can see the Configure file.


and an error.

./configure:line 2607:syntax error near unexpected token ' 1.11 '
./configure:line 2607: ' Am_init_automake (1.11-wno-portability no-define no-dist-gzip dist-xz tar-ustar) '

Try Autoreconf-i.

and an error. file './readme ' not found
Parallel-tests:installing './test-driver '
Automake:error:cannot Open < Gtk-doc.make:no such file or directory
Autoreconf:automake failed with exit Status:1

Ignore this error and try again


Still error file './readme ' not found
Automake:error:cannot Open < Gtk-doc.make:no such file or directory
Autoreconf:automake failed with exit Status:1

Continue pretending not to see, run


The error is as follows:

Checking for Libffi ... no
Configure:error:Package requirements (Libffi >= 3.0.0) were not met:

No package ' Libffi ' found

Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
Installed software in a non-standard prefix.

Alternatively, may set the environment variables Libffi_cflags
and libffi_libs to avoid the need-to-call pkg-config.
See the Pkg-config Mans page for more details.

Put a libffi first.


Tar zxvf libffi-3.0.11.tar.gz

CD libffi-3.0.11/



Make install

And then back to the Glib-master directory to run


By the right, I built an empty file of the Readme, do not know what impact, first put.

The output was so long that it gave me an illusion of what was done, but there was a line of error.

Error:cannot Find input file: ' '

To continue to carry forward the fine tradition of pretending not to see, directly


But I can't find the make file, forget it, start over.

I'm guessing there is a problem with the installation package, from here download the new installation package

It's not in the root directory, it's in the USR directory.

Then tar xvjf glib-2.44.1.tar.xz Unzip

And then

CD glib-2.44.1


I have a big go, unexpectedly no error, I have done before God Horse!!!

Hurry up.


And then

Make install

Look at the output of a row of rows, really good cool, and finally a picture

Process record of installing glib-2.44.1 under ubuntu14.04

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