Processing of 100% CPU time period in LNMP nginx environment

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First look at the LNMP Nginx environment CPU a period of high occupancy, tribal Aliyun host, in the console can see the following figure:

From the above picture can be very obvious to see that every hour, the CPU occupies on the up, very punctual, basically are on the whole point, the duration of about 3 minutes to 4 minute or so.

Open the website log, you can see a very obvious Baidu Spider crawl:

The image above is a thumbnail, click to enlarge the view. As you can see from the image above, there is an IP that is accessed very frequently on the whole point of time, and the tribe is looking at other points in time for IP access and has not found this IP.

By the entire access log can be seen, display for Baidu Spider crawl.

Later the tribe through the nslookup command query, found this incredibly not Baidu Spider:

Here the tribe needs to explain, if you use CDN acceleration, then the IP obtained is not real, the above method is invalid.

Decisively shielded this IP.

If you do not, you can look at the LNMP installation package Nginx under the Shielding Ip,ip section of the operation process of this article.

Return to Aliyun view again, the whole point occupies the CPU high now image has been eliminated.

As you can see above, the CPU footprint of the basic point is in a reasonable range.


Nginx environment under the CPU for a period of high processing process to come to an ending, in fact, here is mainly to embody an operating process, there is no other skills.

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