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During the past two days, my laptop encountered a very annoying problem. The system tray always prompts "Windows delayed writing failed", and the following is the failure information, sometimes Kabbah and sometimes others. Program. Even if the system was restored (I used Lenovo's one-click recovery), even though it was normal at the time, but it ran for two or three days, and the problem recursed.
From the observations over the past few days, this problem does not affect the normal operation of the system, but it seriously affects my playing games and watching movies. Think about it. When you lock the opponent's head in the sight, a prompt pops up for Windows to delay writing failure. As a result, when you switch back to the game, you will be frustrated to find that, you are already shot and lying on the ground.
There are many reasons for the system to delay writing. I checked it on Baidu. The causes include driver, hardware, memory, graphics card, and application software. I really don't have the energy to troubleshoot it one by one. It's just an error log. My measure is to disable it. Right-click "my computer" and select "properties -- Advanced -- start and fault recovery settings" to cancel all the three check boxes below system failure, select "Write debugging information" as "NONE", right-click the taskbar, click Properties, and click custom in the taskbar tab, now you can see that there is a Windows project in the list that delays writing failures, and you can set this project behavior to always hide, so that the damn error information will no longer jump out.
However, it should be noted that I did this because I have confirmed that this problem will not affect the normal operation of the system, and I also have a backup of the Windows system. When necessary, I can restore it at any time. All I want is a quiet environment. When you have encountered this problem, you should check the problem.
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