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As the network transmission of the bottom of the wiring system can be called the "Foundation" of the network system, and therefore has a longer life cycle, the choice to it in the pursuit of practical basis on the advance. 6 categories and optical fiber has gradually become mainstream, shielding systems and management systems are more and more favored by users, are very good proof of "advanced" procurement principles.

6 class should pay attention to the implementation

The original 6 wiring system construction, management and other aspects of the drawbacks, as more and more users have adopted 6 types of systems, so large project operators have more experience, can be installed well. However, there are some engineering teams using backward construction technology and management mechanism, resulting in acceptance test pass, rectification and the passive situation. Why pay attention to the installation of 6 types of systems? Because the 6-class cabling system in the transmission rate can provide more than 5 classes of 2.5 times times the high-speed bandwidth, and the more advanced copper cable to the external anomaly is more sensitive. As the rate of transmission increases, installation of the correct or not to the system performance of the greater impact, unreasonable pipeline design, nonstandard installation steps, not in place of the management system, will be 6 types of wiring test results (including physical and electrical performance) impact, and some are difficult to repair the problem. So to ensure the installation of high quality, 6 types of wiring system construction personnel must comply with the requirements of international standards to carry out, and strict acceptance testing, and to ensure that each application agreement passed, not only a certain application agreement passed. This is particularly worth emphasizing, because some users in the acceptance is not meticulous, often stay in the "pass-and-fail" level, the results of cabling system can not carry high quality network applications. --- (computer science)

Who should use the shielding system

If you are one of these two types of users, you should consider the choice of shielding systems, such as a serious electromagnetic interference in the environment of users, such as factories, radio stations, radio, airports and subways, the other is for security considerations, strict requirements of the confidential units, such as national defense, Government, finance At present, the shielding system has become more and more the user's choice. However, it should be emphasized that for the shielding system, a single layer of metal shielding is not enough, more importantly, the shield must be completely grounded, so that the interference current can be effectively imported into the Earth. However, in the actual construction, there are some difficulties that can not be neglected in the shielding system. Because of the harsh requirements of the grounding shielding system, it is very easy to ground when grounding bad, such as the grounding resistance is too large, grounding potential imbalance. This will produce a potential difference between the two points of the transmission system, and then generate the current on the metal shielding layer, resulting in discontinuous shielding layer, destroying its integrity. At this time, the shielding layer itself has become a source of interference, so for the installation and acceptance of shielding system must be strict.

Intelligent management System is of great value

Because the traditional wiring management method mainly has the written record, the spreadsheet or the database management software and so on the method, one of these methods main shortcoming is the management staff's workload is big, all data update all needs the management personnel manual operation. In many cases, because the network administrator did not update the data in time, resulting in the management of data in the database invalidation, managers need to spend a lot of time and effort to update the record, to the work of difficulties. However, these methods do not enable real-time viewing of network connectivity. Similarly, SNMP can view network traffic in real time, but only through an intelligent cabling system (because of the physical layer management) can the network administrator fully view the complete physical interconnect within the communication and provide it in real time. In other words, because the wiring system is at the bottom of the information System (physical layer), and wiring equipment does not have intelligent communication functions, so the traditional network management software can not directly manage this level of equipment, this is the intelligent wiring system to distinguish between the fundamental network management software, but also its value.

With the increasingly complex wiring facilities, cabling system management has become time-consuming and laborious, intelligent cabling system can reduce the interruption time, the realization of intelligent maintenance, to avoid manual documentation and other work, so that the network administrator from a long time, and prone to human error in the work to get out, Greatly reduced the cost of managing the information technology infrastructure. This is the greatest value of intelligent cabling systems.

There are ways to choose an intelligent system

In general, intelligent cabling systems are suitable for networks with approximately 500 or more horizontal connections. If the number of connections is less than 500, the traditional method can often be used to manage it easily. One of the most important factors to be aware of is compliance with standards. The use of a connector approved by the standard Committee allows for the convenience of standards-based testing. It should be noted that some "systems" seem to be more of a collection of spare parts that use a manufacturer's connector in a communication room and another manufacturer's connector in the workspace. In the event of a problem, where exactly is the demarcation point? General knowledge tells us that we should choose a system from a manufacturer. Of course, software needs to be included in the system, and system manufacturers should be able to support the entire product collection, not just traditional connections.

In addition to the standard, the user's own Mac more and less, intelligent wiring system with real-time functions, whether to jump, docking are appropriate, whether there is a quality assurance and the corresponding training is also the object of the user to investigate.

Should not use the Wan Xiaotong cable

At present, although the support of the million-gigabit copper standard has not been finalized, but this area has become a hot topic, leading manufacturers also launched the relevant products. So, for users, should not use the Wan Xiaotong cable?

Obviously, for the vast majority of users, no need to consider the million trillion copper cable. On the one hand, their own demand for trillion is not strong, on the other hand, the standard of the million-gigabit copper cable has not been promulgated. But for the application of information requirements of high users, million trillion applications have begun, million trillion copper cable can naturally make the cost of wiring down. In the million trillion applications, Europe and the United States earlier than our country, their use of the situation tells us that in these high-end users, often to be applied to a comprehensive million trillion program, that is, including million-gigabit fiber and million copper cables (including shielding and unshielded). At present, the industry on the million-gigabit copper also have different views, some manufacturers and experts stressed that, for the moment, the separate use of Wan Shaofei shielded copper cable is not low, because the end to go through some special treatment. Some manufacturers have stressed that a large number of unshielded million-gigabit copper information points have been installed in the world.

If the user wants to select the million Gigabit copper cable, consider the following products: Systimax has launched a copper cabling solution to support Gigabit Ethernet-systimax Gigaspeed x10d Solution; Tyco Electronic amp is applied to the comprehensive solution of Gigabit Ethernet, including Single-mode fiber, Transmission of 300 meters of multimode fiber, transmission 100 meters of shielding and non-copper cabling system; Simon Company includes optical fiber, shielding and unshielded million trillion program; Belden CDT also introduced the Wan Shaofei shielding wiring system. These manufacturers have strong comprehensive strength, the technology is more advanced.

Can't ignore the brand

Indeed, there are many wiring manufacturers, brand choice is all users have to face. Combined with the characteristics of the integrated wiring system, the user cabling system will generally choose the same manufacturer's products, so it is recommended to start from the following aspects. First of all, require the manufacturer to provide cabling system transmission performance of the third party test report, this reflects the performance of the product, and secondly, because a project generally requires a variety of products, it depends on whether the brand has a holistic approach, which includes whether all types of products (such as twisted pair, fiber, wiring racks, panels, etc.), Also included in a certain category of products are complete (such as shielding and unshielded, etc.), this reflects the manufacturer's overall strength in wiring; third, the quality of the manufacturer to achieve what level, this is a matter of detail, not only the quality of life, but also the provision of quality assurance by the manufacturers or large integrators directly responsible for, This reflects the manufacturer's service capabilities and product quality, and finally, combined with their own needs, to see the price of products.

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