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I thought the injury could take more time and write more articles, but it actually showed that writing is also very constipation without practical experience, even if the writing is irrelevant to the actual situation during this period of time, it is hard to say that it is like a battlefield reporter who can't hear the sound of a gun or the atmosphere, and can't write anything?

Therefore, I am more determined to issue this article and its points of view.

I keep thinking, what can I leave for my company? After a few years, I will definitely stop doing these things. Are there any shadows I have? But I really want to leave something, so I am very real, very bad to take the initiative to establish some processes, draw them out, and write their own names; take the initiative to manage documents, establish
Document Template Library that can be used, such
Wait, many years later, it is very likely that everyone is still using it, and many documents contain traces of my being ...... In this way, my small goal is achieved.

Well, what can I leave for myself? Let's start with a story. Mountain
Monks are living in the upper temples.
They are in charge of water fetch. Every day, they encounter water at the bottom of the hill. A few months later,
After a few days, I was worried about visiting.
A well has been built in the temple over the past few months.

So, I think everyoneA well should be built, but not just for itself. It is like a catalyst, which objectively accelerates the growth of companies and individuals.

There is no logic for individuals to grow up: companies are not schools, employees are not paying for money, so we cannot simply do things with a learning attitude, not for the company's practice, just by theory
Progress? On the other hand, it is unreasonable only when the company is growing: employees are not robots. If they only do things but do not grow, the company will not be able to enjoy the added value of employee growth. In the long run, it is not cost-effective.

I found a very simple way of logging-writing and sticking to writing. With my practical experience and experience in my work, I have something to write. After writing it out and discussing it with you, I can improve it so that it can work better. Therefore
Work and personal growth are mutually reinforcing and harmonious. The well-drilling process itself gradually accumulates to form its own career support, as the teacher said during a training session,"Employment Guarantee will reduce the competitiveness of a person. Career guarantee can improve the competitiveness. Assume that one day, the company suddenly does not need you. At this time, you do not have to look for a job, instead, there are a bunch of companies waiting for you to join us immediately. This is the real guarantee.
", After many years, this should be a" personal brand.

In fact, the drilling process is more important than the result. The final well is a natural process. If you think of yourself as a product, you may be able to use the product brand building tactics to build your own brand. In fact, they are all the same: design, marketing, sales, operation, promotion ......

We encourage everyone.


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