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Article Description: product design principles of four: there are plans to introduce your products.

In the Monday, I wrote this series of the third article "Product design principles Three: Perfect later on line" received a lot of people's attention, mixed. Well, I'd say I'm very grateful for the agreement, the reason for the brick is also very good: the product line needs to have a time plan, not for the so-called perfect, has been postponed it; In addition to do outsourcing or software customization development of friends are also very dissatisfied, customers have time to ask Ah, to time things do not line, do not be able to default.

In fact, these two points I also said in principle three: first perfect is relative, I did not say that after the perfect on the line, I call the perfect, neither refers to the function of the all-inclusive, nor is it only the quality of absolute perfection. But in their own ability, financial resources, the scope of time, as far as possible to improve. If you can not pass this one, do not let the line to see customers, or you will die very miserably. About product improvement will take too much time, resulting in delay can not be online, my suggestion is: There are steps, a plan to launch your products.

I said in the first article that the road is simple, design the product to be as easy as possible. But not all products can be simplified, I just want to build a high-rise, you can not let me build a chicken house. But building a tall building can sometimes be beyond your ability to build a tall building and force a high-rise. Then the quality of the product may not reach the final target customers can not reach the ideal state. So how to deal with this situation? There is a plan, there are steps to launch their own products.

Has the plan, has the step to launch own product, because oneself to own team's research and development ability has the very clear understanding, simultaneously has the very clear understanding to own product. Know whether the product is beyond their own capabilities, if the product does not exceed their ability instead, then the complete introduction of the product is not a bad thing. If the product is beyond the scope of their own ability, or for marketing purposes, to give customers some kind of suspense, then there is a plan, a step of the introduction of their own products become very necessary. So how do you plan to have the steps to launch the product?

First, there are plans to do so. A lot of people step out of their own products is not because of planned in advance, so go step-by-step to launch. This is not an opportunity to introduce their own products, can only calculate the product is not perfect a situation. And there is a plan is to do, before the development, know how to go to a step, it is possible to launch products, the function of the product can become a system, and this system, although not as complete as they want, but can meet the basic requirements of users. And each launch goes to the function is perfect, and the quality is reliable. So that we can do it with a plan.

Second, step-by-step products and to improve after the introduction of products are not contradictory, and sometimes the introduction of products is to improve the product after the launch. So make sure that the products are as perfect as possible in a step-by-step rollout.

Third, the introduction of step-by-step products once the first step is pushed out, the other follow-up steps will follow. Otherwise, it will cause serious customer complaints, so the initial steps can be postponed properly, and the subsequent steps can be followed.

Four, step-by-step products, must be in the product function of the step-by-step, rather than the first general details after the distribution, to ensure that each of the steps introduced are complete and detailed design good. Otherwise it would be contrary to principle two.

Fifth, the step-by-Step introduction of products, means that you can through the user's feedback after the revision of their own product follow-up steps, to correctly handle the user's feedback, appropriate adjustments to the subsequent development, but can not because of feedback and undue impact on the subsequent development.

Six, step-by-step products, to ensure that the subsequent steps will not be the previous steps of the product data to cover, such as users need to re-register, fill in, pay attention to good cohesion.

Seventh, the step-by-Step introduction of products, to ensure that the follow-up steps are worth looking forward to, avoid Dog distribution products.

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