Product analysis of data visualization

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Data visualization is primarily designed to communicate and communicate information clearly and effectively with the help of graphical means. This does not mean, however, that data visualization must be tedious to achieve its functional purpose, or extremely complex to look gorgeous. In order to effectively communicate the concept of ideas, aesthetic forms and functions need to go hand in hand, by visually communicating key aspects and features to achieve deep insight into a fairly sparse and complex data set . However, designers often do not have a good grasp of the balance between design and function, so as to create a flashy form of data visualization, can not achieve its main purpose, that is, to communicate and communicate information.

Data visualization andInformation Graphics、Visualization of Information、Scientific Visualizationand statistical graphs are closely related. At present, data visualization is a very active and critical aspect in the fields of research, teaching and development. “ Visualization of data"This term achieves a mature Scientific Visualizationfield with the younger Visualization of InformationThe unification of the field.

Product analysis of data visualization

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