Product Logo Design Skills: Professional advice for logo design

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Article Description: How to do logo design: 9 professional advice.

In fact, logo design is not difficult, to see these 9 professional advice, I believe you will learn a lot.

When customers need you to make logo design for their products, you may feel the start, but do not be discouraged-in fact, things are not as complex as you think, how to make you design more smoothly, customers more satisfied?

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01. Master Enterprise Strategy at the beginning

This is the logo design of F61 Work Room, from the figure we can see that the beginning of the design, designers have a clue, this benefit from the designer's clear ideas, understanding of the brand fully in the beginning of the design, to clarify the brand value orientation and corporate strategy, so that you can make your philosophy and customer products perfect integration.

02. First design a sample

You can briefly design a template to present the idea, and then presented to the customer, according to the feedback to modify, so that will not go too far

03. Doing Foot Research

Non-format's brand reconstruction inspired by geometric patterns and robots (see below)

Understand the personalization, history, function, and user response implied in the brand. Find the right inspiration and design when you are fully aware.

04. Estimate the expected

Ask the customer about the logo design: Ask them what kind of design they want, how they look and how they function.

05. Research Competitor

Study the competitor's color, font, visual style, and then strive to be different from competitors, design beyond the competitors of the work.

06. Do not rely too much on the original logo

Re for Optus company logo design is very creative: recreate a cartoon character although logo is the key to logo design, but sometimes it is not necessary to behave. Can be based on the situation, to create a separate and combined design. The idea unfolds around the logo.

07. Do not ignore customers

No matter how rich your design experience, or to focus on the customer, because they know more about their products, to communicate with them, lest the design style and the product does not match.

08. Try a simple design

Woodlake Design Studio logo designed very simple to fully understand the needs of customers, you can try to use simple color and font, so that the visual style more prominent, more impact.

09. To help customers find hidden highlights

If the customer tells the demand, forgot to tell a product's bright spot. Then you can do research, think about this point with the user's connection, if appropriate, at this point up and down the article, and highlight the amplification. Although the last customer may not agree with your excavation point, but please do not give up this one, do not be discouraged.
Be sure to keep doing it, because in their hearts, you will feel that you are a designer for their sake, and subconsciously will feel that you are professional enough, very thoughtful. So when he needs to do the design again next time, or when a friend has a project to design. He's going to be the first to think of you, not to think about the last one, the puppet-like designer.

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