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The most special thing in the company is the product manager. Ta is pursuing the ultimate in things and not going through the ordinary path. It also gives rise to the unimaginable ideas of ordinary people, and can also be refined to abnormal levels, by capturing the most authentic and core needs that most people cannot catch, and using abnormal ideas to design non-General products, we need to build product characteristics while being grounded, product success!

The product manager is abnormal, and it is easier to communicate. It is easy to chat about the "original topic" in a non-rigid way, and to quickly get familiar with each other's distance, which can pave the way for communication.

The product manager is abnormal and can look at the problem from a special perspective to discover unique needs.

The product manager is abnormal and does not stick to the traditional product design ideas. The products designed are more novel.

The product manager is abnormal and has his own abnormal personality. The products made are more authentic, not simply to cater to user needs, but not simply to satisfy his own living boss, but to respect each other with users, use your own abnormal thinking to help or satisfy users. If you don't kneel down to users, you will not kneel down to products. Do everything you can to make the products more practical, beautiful, and simple.

The product manager is abnormal and is not disturbed by the outside world. Likes and scolds all follow you. I will do my best to make my own products and do not want to satisfy everyone. I just want to solve some people's problems, meet the needs of some people.

The product manager is abnormal. Let's take a big picture for you. Our product design also starts from the reality, and we are step by step.

The product manager is abnormal. In the spirit of a wide range of ideas for Young People 2B, many incredible ideas often appear in big or small heads. What's more, people can accept the cruelty of "ideal, full, realistic, and skinny", and pick up the "Soap" that he thinks is right and give it to the right person at the right time.

The product manager is abnormal. He is willing to design products from the perspective of the first person, from the perspective of the product scenario to the Spirit split.

The product manager is abnormal. He is abnormal to be ill. When he sees something, he wants to repair it. When he sees something, he will think about it. He can also interpret the product in a better way, or he will find room for improvement.

The product manager is abnormal. The product manager loves life and wants to understand and try everything to feel the world.

The product manager is abnormal and uses many things abnormally. He is convinced that "Practice makes perfect" will discover problems when used multiple times. More times, he will discover core problems and solve them.

The product manager is abnormal and abnormal. He knows a lot about it, not to give her sister a bubble and show her up, but to communicate with more people in depth.

Abnormal product manager, any two or several knowledge points in the head may be associated and collided at any time to stimulate the abnormal combination.

The product manager is abnormal. He always wants to watch a problem or a real object. He looks at it backwards and looks at it, feel the verse "looking at the peak of the ridge side", view the problem from different angles, and consider the solution from different angles.

The product manager is abnormal and does not know who he is. He always thinks that he is the CEO. The boss thinks that he has all the problems he wants. The boss thinks that he has all his skills, and even thinks more.

The product manager is abnormal, abnormal, persistent, and people think that what their children will look like in the future, let your technology and Operations talk about it, unless you throw tens of millions of reasons to persuade me, it will be better if the child changes, or the child will have to grow that way!

The product manager is abnormal and does not go to bed. The night owl is the nickname of others, and the bear's eye is the dress of others, the next day, we were able to chat with technology, operation, customer service, and users. We can't say that we are not abnormal!

After writing so much, I feel that the product manager is really abnormal! After reading this article, my friends will be considerate of the product manager's intentions, and have a lot of sympathy for the hard-pressed product managers. If you want to learn more about the mysterious position of the product manager, you can learn the product manager's in-depth and simple course, learn more about the Internet product design tutorial and log on to the E-mentor Yiyou network.

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