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Like,, a blue-based and well-known IT technology website, has always created the word "Classic. Over the past few years, its simplified and elegant interface design, fresh and tidy color design, strong affinity guiding design, strong functional information structure, and comfortable text design have been formed by each revision, it is a reference and reference model for enterprise websites and designers.

The Microsoft website features Index is as follows:

Visual beauty:★★★☆
Cultural and emotional expressions:★★★☆
Ease of use:★★★★☆

Why should we emphasize the word "professional? Certainly many readers may question how to show professional webpage visual design? To answer this question, let's take a closer look at the page design of, from which we can certainly get a lot of inspiration.

Page partitioning by line

Information should be filled up as much as possible and orderly. You need to know that a straight line can give people a rigorous and refined feeling. On the contrary, a curve gives people a feeling of flight and freedom (Figure 1 ). Therefore, websites for female use, drinking websites, seafood websites, websites designed for children, and textile websites designed to express soft feelings ...... Most of them use curves to divide the page's curve pattern. Similar to, the framework structure divided by straight lines and right angles shows the feeling of thinking, planning, and specialization. IT is undeniable that linear frameworks are very suitable for IT websites, electronic product websites, legal websites, government websites, and male websites.

Single color

On the page, we can only feel one color-blue. In order to add changes to the monochrome phase, the designer uses two or three different gradient methods, one is to pave the way to the background of the information pattern, and the other is to add a sense of attention on the top of the page.

If multiple colors are used together, most of these methods appear on entertainment websites, including blue, green, or yellow. Websites such as health, children, and games are also suitable for multi-color combination and color matching, which can show the comprehensive characteristics of various noisy emotions. However, for a website such as Microsoft .com that wants to express "a sound", a single color can give a clear and pleasing feeling. Being clean and unified will deepen the impression, it leaves a deep impression on people. Even in different columns of, some red, green, and purple background colors are selected as the background color of the blank background. However, the appearance of blue as the dominant color cannot be shaken, these colors are the same as the gradient effects, which increase the image refinement and bring the ups and downs and modifiers to the page.

If you want to be clean and efficient, you may wish to learn about the use of in color mode.

Qingxinyue target slogan design

Text cannot be directly stacked on the page, and some key content must use advertisement bars to attract the attention of viewers. Therefore, for an enterprise website with rich information resources, the guiding slogans are very important.

Many Chinese websites completely overlay text on images, which cannot be clearly understood. The image selection is inappropriate and the advertisement area is too large, these will affect the visual effect of the entire page and affect the effective transmission of information (Figure 2 ).

The key is to make the text clear. Even if the text is not superimposed on the image, and the image occupies the main space, the text only gets a little space in the gap, this will cause obstacles to the spread of information. When advertising slogans, you need to focus more on text design. This is the core idea of creating images for text. Although the most effective way is to remove images and design advertisements only in text, this situation is not beautiful. In this case, you can learn about and add a background pattern on the ad bar. When the changes are added, the text effect will not be weakened (figure 3 ).


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