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When you get older, there are more things and more insomnia. Summarize the pathology and see how to solve the problem of insomnia!

1. First build confidence

I don't have to worry too much about the occasional experience of insomnia in my life. I believe my body will naturally adjust and adapt. The physical and mental elasticity of people is very high. This article quoted the case that 200 consecutive hours of sleep, still can maintain normal physical and mental functions, one or two nights of Insomnia will not cause any difficulties. After occasional insomnia, if you don't worry about the pain of insomnia, you will naturally sleep when you are sleepy. The more you worry about insomnia, the more difficult it will be to fall asleep at night.

2. Arrange regular life

The most effective way to avoid insomnia is to make daily life regular, develop the habit of regular sleep and regular get up, so as to establish your own physiological clock. Sometimes it is necessary to go to bed late and get up on time in the morning. If you have a weekend holiday, do not sleep late.

3. Moderate exercise

Exercise every day from half an hour to one hour, to allow flexibility in various organs of the body. However, strenuous exercise should be avoided before sleep. It is wrong for someone to exercise hard before going to bed to make the body tired and then easy to sleep.

4. Relax before going to bed

Avoid over-effort or labor-intensive work within half an hour before going to bed. Even if you want to take the test tomorrow, you will never go to bed with any difficult questions. Listening to light music before you go to bed helps you to sleep.

5. Design a quiet bedroom

Try to isolate the noise in the bedroom, and develop the habit of turning off the lights and sleeping.

6. Single Bed Purification

Develop the habit of sleeping in bed only for sleep; Do not read books in bed, do not call in bed, do not watch TV in bed. Because when performing other activities on the bed, you often get rid of your regular sleep habits.

7. Moderate bedtime diet

If needed before going to bed, you can eat at a moderate level. foods such as milk, bread, and cookies can help you to sleep. Too much is not good for sleep, whereas coffee, cola, tea, and other irritating drinks are not good for sleep.

8. Poor sleep due to drinking

Many people have misunderstandings about alcohol. Mistaken drinking helps to sleep. Although it is easy to fall asleep after drinking, it is hard to persist due to alcohol. It is easy to wake up and it is difficult to fall asleep after waking up. In addition, alcoholics are prone to more serious insomnia.

9. Avoid taking sleeping pills

Do not buy sleeping pills by yourself without a doctor's prescription. Even if you want to take a big test tomorrow, insomnia overnight does not necessarily affect your score. Sleeping pills can make people fall asleep, but the side effects after the next day are not good for people's physical and mental.

10. Post-failure practices

If the above suggestions do not take effect, we recommend that you keep the regular bed habit. If you cannot fall asleep, get up and do some of the least annoying activities. At this time, it is not appropriate to make the body and body over work. If you want to use activities such as standing up and trying to make yourself tired and sleep, the effect will be counterproductive.

In addition, we must have good habits.

First, getting rid of bad habits and cultivating good living patterns are the key to treating insomnia. TIPS:

1. The bed can only be used for rest. insomnia patients should not read books or eat in bed;

2. Thinking during sleep can only aggravate insomnia. In order to distract energy, you can use a digital approach or watch a TV with a timing device to enter the sleep state;

3. Do not set an alarm clock in the bedroom. The ticking sound of the alarm clock and the glare of the pointer make it difficult for normal people to sleep;

4. Sports and regular activities are helpful for sleep. However, exercise hard for two hours before going to bed;

5. Do not drink coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks, or smoke at night, because these things are excited;

6. Regular sleeping and waking time can play a calming effect. Therefore, administrators should go to bed at a fixed time and try to get up at a fixed time, that is, on weekends and vacations;

7. Too full dinner affects sleep, so avoid excessive dinner;

8. NAP may be enjoyable for some people, but not for insomnia patients. If anyone goes to bed during the day, don't complain that he can't sleep at night.

Insomnia remedies

1. Put about 10 grams of shredded ginger next to the pillow to help you sleep.

2. 1 pig heart, 30 grams of each of sanqi and honey. Wash the pig's heart and cook it with sanqi. After the pig's heart is ripe, add the honey. Meat and soup.

3. 30 grams of wheat kernels, 15 jujubes and 15 grams of licorice. Peel the wheat, put the remaining two flavors into the pot, add 3 bowls of water, and fry them to 1 bowl. Take a nap every night before going to bed.

4. 30 grams of Hawthorn core. Stir-fried coke into charcoal, mashed, add a proper amount of sugar after decoction, take 1 dose before going to bed every night. Heart palpitations and insomnia. (Users with too much stomachache should not use it)

5. 2 eggs, 15 grams of wolfberry and 10 red dates. Boil medlar and red dates in water for 30 minutes, then boil the eggs until they are cooked, and take them twice a day. Indications for insomnia and amnesia.

6. 10 grams of Jujube kernels and 15 grams of green tea. Before 8 hours in the morning, brewed green tea 15 grams of clothing, do not drink tea after 8 hours. Before going to bed at night, take 10 grams of sour jujube flour. Exercise caution when using high blood pressure, tachycardia, habitual constipation, and lactating women.

7. 15 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of medlar meat, 4 red dates, 100 grams of glutinous rice, washed, boiled into porridge, served twice a day (morning fasting and before sleep), good effect.

8. 15 grams of dried longan meat and hazelnut meat, 100 grams of glutinous rice, 6 grams of lotus seeds, and a proper amount of sugar. Cook and trash the glutinous rice into rice granules, wash the glutinous rice into the pot, add lotus seeds, longan meat, hazelnut and clear water, boil the porridge and then add sugar, 1 dose per day.

9. Wash the peanut leaves (the best fresh leaves) into the pot or cup with boiled water, drink the color of the peanut leaves after the bubble, about 10 minutes to fall asleep, the effective rate is over 95%.

10. 15 grams of zombies and 1 source chicken yolk. Shen added a cup of half water and fry it into a cup. Add the eggs to the cooler and stir them up. Wash your feet with warm water before going to bed, and then take the medicine under the hot suit, the time is not long to sleep.

11. 20 grams of Salvia, yuanzhi, shidu, and sulfur respectively. Co-research details, plus liquor amount, adjusted to paste, paste in the umbilical, and then cotton pad on the umbilical, fixed with tape, change once a night.

12. 15 grams of Dangshen, 9 grams of winter wheat (jiexin), 6 grams of Chinese medicine, 30 grams of evening vine and longtooth. Take the water temperature before dinner, and then fry the dregs. Take the water one hour before going to bed at night. Take 1 dose every day.

13. 60 grams of Dangshen, 30 grams of xuanjicang, 18 grams of amber, 12 grams of cinnabar and maidong. Research details, screening. Take 3-5 grams each time and take the boiled water half an hour before going to bed.

14. 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 40 grams of fried Jujube kernels, and 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry. And divide them into five portions. Take one copy every day, put it in a cup of boiling water for brewing, tea substitute frequency to drink. Or drink three times a day, but not less than 500 ml each time.

15. 30 grams of Schisandra. Decoction, before going to bed. Symptoms of insomnia and fatigue.

16. 16 grams of fresh Salvia, 30 grams of fresh jujube root. Decoction, served twice a day. Attending for insomnia, amnesia, and night dreams.

17. Right Amount of Walnut Kernels, broken skin, and brown sugar washed after meals.

Diet for insomnia

(1) black sesame seeds, mulberry leaves, walnut meat each 25 grams, 8 grams of kumquat, mashed into mud, served once every night before going to bed, served 4-5 days.

(2) 20 daylily seeds, 15 sour jujube kernels, stir-fried and mashed into a thin end, served once every night before going to bed, served for 1 week.

(3) 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of milk before going to bed every night.

(4) 7 scallions, 20 jujubes, boil with water for 20 minutes and then eat jujube and soup, once every night before going to bed.

(5) 10 grams of Schisandra, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 15 grams of lily, co-boiled soup, served once before going to bed.

(6) LILY 30 grams, celery root 60 grams, boiled soup, served once before going to bed.

(7) 250 grams of lean pork and 30 grams of lotus seeds. add them to the casserole and add them to the stew. Once a day, you can eat them for one week.

(8) people who are unable to fall asleep due to excessive fatigue can eat apples and bananas before going to bed, because these fruits are alkaline food and can resist muscle fatigue. Cut the fresh orange and place it on the pillow side. The aromatic taste of the fruit plays a calming effect on the brain nerves.

In addition, do not exercise hard before going to bed, do not read stimulating books, do not think nonsense, dinner should not eat too full, but drink tea or coffee, sleep environment to comfort, bedroom at 25 ℃ is appropriate, it is recommended that the light in the bedroom be blurred by sight, which helps to sleep.

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