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1, Alpha Filter

Syntax: {filter:alpha (Opacity=opacity,finishopacity=finishopacity,style=style,

The Alpha attribute mixes a target element with the background. Designers can specify values to control the degree of mixing. This "mixed with the background" is popularly said to be the transparency of an element. By specifying the coordinates, you can refer to the transparency of the fixed-point, line, and surface. Their parameters mean the following:
"Opacity" represents the level of transparency. The default range is from 0 to 100, and they are actually in the form of percentages. In other words, 0 represents total transparency, and 100 represents total opacity. "Finishopacity" is an optional parameter and you can use them to specify the transparency at the end if you want to set the transparency effect of the gradient. The range is also 0 to 100. The style parameter specifies the shape characteristics of the transparent area. 0 represents a uniform shape, 1 represents linear, 2 represents radial, and 3 represents a rectangle. "StartX" and "Starty" represent the start x and y coordinates of the gradient transparency effect. The "Finishx" and "finishy" represent the coordinates of the gradient transparency effect ending x and Y.

The effect is as follows:

2, Blur Filter

Syntax: for Html:{ilter:blur (Add=add,direction=direction,strength=strength)}
For the script language: [oblurfilter=] Object.filters.blur
The picture becomes blurred when the finger is quickly crossed in an unfinished painting. "Blur" is to produce the same blur effect.
The "ADD" parameter is a Boolean judge of "TRUE (default)" or "FALSE". It specifies whether the picture has been changed to an impressionist blur effect. The blur effect is in the clockwise direction, and the "DIRECTION" parameter is used to set the direction of the blur. 0 degrees represent vertical upward, and then each 45 degree is a unit. Its default value is 270 degrees to the left. The "Strength" value can only be specified using integers, and she represents how many pixels the width will be affected by the blur. The default is 5. For fonts on a Web page, if you set his fuzzy "add=1", these fonts will look good. As follows:
Filter:blur (add=ture,direction=135,strength=10)

I fly to you, the rain is softly decorated!

3, Fliph, FLIPV filter

Syntax: {Filter:filph}, {FILTER:FILPV} is horizontal inversion and vertical inversion, as follows:

4, Chroma filter

Syntax: {filter:chroma (Color=color)}
You can use the Chroma property to set the color specified in an object to be a transparent color, and the parameter color to be transparent. Here is the blue text, then use the chroma filter to filter out the blue color, it becomes the following look.
Filter:chroma (Color=blue)

Dripping eaves

5, DropShadow Filter

Syntax: {Filter:dropshadow (color=color,offx=ofx,offy=offy,positive=positive)}

"Dropshaow" As the name implies is to add object shadow effect. Its working principle is to create an offset, plus a deeper. "Color" represents the color of the cast shadow, and "OFFX" and "Offy" are the hungry offsets of the shadow in the X and Y directions respectively. The "Positive" argument is a Boolean value and, if True (non 0), creates a visible projection for any non-transparent pixel. If "Fasle (0)", create a transparent effect for the transparent pixel portion

Normal text The text after DropShadow (color=gray,offx=5,offy=5.positive=0)

6, Glow Filter

Syntax: {filter:glow (Color=color,strength)}
When you use the "glow" attribute on an object, the edge of the object produces a glow-like effect. "Color" is the color that specifies the glow, and "strength" is the expression of intensity, which can be specified by any integer from 1 to 255.
Effect after Filter:glow (color=red,strength=10)

Water- dripping eaves tea teahouse

Effects of Filter:glow (color= #ffff00, strength=5)

Water- dripping eaves tea teahouse

It 's like you can kick Photoshop to the side, right? ?

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