Profit from the battery replacement program? Apple faces battery pledge complaint

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Apple is accused of finding an unwanted iphone glitch and profiting from the battery replacement program. When American companies announced a slowdown in the iphone last December to "extend battery life", they apologized for not telling people earlier. Faced with a strong consumer response, it promises IPhone6 owners and more modern models to enjoy discounts or free replacement batteries.

"Only because of your faith and support can we complete the work we love – and we will never forget or take it for granted." "But since then, some watchdog viewers have told the plan that their confidence in the company is severely shaken after trying to get Apple to accept its offer."

Apple asked some customers to pay 10 times times the sum they mentioned in the apology. The company told customers it was because the damage to their phone would damage the battery's replacement. But the watchdog investigation found that this was not always the case.

Two days later, he received an e-mail from Apple stating that there was a small dent in the edge of the cell phone and quoted a cost of more than 200 pounds before the battery could be properly guaranteed. He replaced the battery in the local repair shop, no problem, which means he has no warranty.

"They are trying to regain their trust, they will come back to you, ' give us more money than you originally planned." ' I think it's just shocking that they have enough money and they are apples, ' he told the BBC.

His cell phone is in good condition but needs to replace the battery. This time, there was no apparent damage, and Apple told David that there was damage inside the phone. The company said the front microphone and speakers were faulty and quoted more than £ 250 to solve the problem. But David insists that these components work perfectly. He asked for a call back, and the watchdog sent his equipment to a mobile maintenance specialist.

It tells the show: "Obviously these things are working, they should not say they are wrong." "Experts also change batteries no problem, Apple refuses to do things without fixing microphones and speakers first.

So, is Apple apologizing for that? Apple's repair site does say: "If your iphone has any damage to the battery replacement, such as a cracked screen, you need to fix the problem before you replace the battery." ”

Even if the original warranty has expired, it can provide a new 90-day warranty for any device it serves. In addition, some Apple customer service representatives-through the network-indicated that the company stated in its warranty that "any and all damage" must be repaired before the battery was replaced.

? But neither the watchdog nor the dispute resolution lawyer found any such requirement. "I think consumers are getting annoyed because they seem to be setting hurdles for people to fix their phones when they rebuild their trust," someone said on the show. ”

Apple sent the following response to the BBC:

"When it comes to replacing the iphone battery, if your iphone has any damage that destroys battery replacement, such as a cracked screen, this issue will need to be resolved before the battery is replaced. In some cases, there may be a cost associated with the repair. “

Profit from the battery replacement program? Apple faces battery pledge complaint

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