Program Ape How to doze at work, are there any interesting things?

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For example, I was dozing, while still knocking on the code, but also vaguely know the copy and paste, and so I wake up fiercely, look at the code that has been written disorderly is in distress.

Many people say that writing code is like beating chicken blood. Our company is outsourcing, often repetitive labor, and the task time is unreasonable, basically is the party to say when to give, today design tomorrow to things also a lot of things, so overtime this kind of thing, routine, dozing still want to insist on writing, is because want to go home early,

And I'm right behind the director ... (°_°) ...

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And as usual, a man knocking at the code into the night,
Come to the company is very sleepy and sleepy,
So now I want to sleep,



I'm sorry I just took a nap and knocked,

The formal answer begins below

1) What happened yesterday

I had been up for several nights, and it was very sleepy and sleepy in the afternoon.
But I dare not to sleep, the manager's seat is next to me, but can not let the manager find me asleep, in fact, I have been trapped,

So I came up with a way to hold my chin close my eyes and look like I was thinking.
Squint,, feel inappropriate, to make a sound to do, at least I am also a code worker,,,

Then replaced by a left hand holding the chin, the right hand indiscriminately banging on the keyboard, so that the keyboard to make the sound of tapping, others think I am at this moment is writing code, (at least it sounds I am writing code),

I don't know how long it's been, I fell asleep, fell asleep.

When I woke up to the manager's place to see the manager is not, (to his performance is still very positive at least the manager is not there)
Look up at the office City no one looks out of the window how the sky is so dark
I was forced to look at the time.
Zeo's already off.

So I succeeded in missing the last bus home,,,,

I came to the company today, I asked my colleague did not call me,, (because I and the manager on the same bus embarrassed to ask the manager had to ask colleagues)
Colleague said: I want to call you, the manager said you are too tired to let you sleep for a while and told everyone to be smaller

After listening to the original is to deceive themselves .... I think of others as fools, I never thought I was the fool.

2) What happened to the last company or the office sleep?
As a result of the company's project is tight, the development of a few months off work basically did not see the sun, and sometimes even the moon can not see (fog too big)
Go to the Chase:
Normally, at noon, we will sleep at the conference table in the meeting room,, (why not sleep on the stool, the stool has handrails)
And as usual I came to the conference room, and lay down on the conference table and slept
I was awakened by the noise of laughter,
I don't know what's up.
Looking up, it was the marketing department who came to the meeting.
I said, "You have a meeting so early,
Someone answered: It's 3 o'clock, it's early.
At this moment-------the crowd is still laughing.
I was so busy sitting up, I slept in my head.
At this moment-------the crowd is still laughing.
I thought to myself: I don't sleep, what's so funny,
My heart also want: Phone alarm how did not ring,, (concluded: Mobile phone did not bring, estimated lost on the desk)

I have a leg, and I feel something.

I had an erection when I was sleeping,,,, and I was in the morning,

Code workers are very rough. I was lying on the conference table in a loose, big underwear.

More than 10 pairs of eyes so look at me,,, just look at me

20160601 update changes to do the program Wang developed the habit is that 15 minutes to complete sleep, wake up, knocking code. No exhaustion is 15 minutes to solve. When you go to bed. I had to hold the backspace.
When I woke up. Calmly pressed a bit ctrl-z (
= = Wait for me to come in the evening. Brush the Night environment (' ω ') = Be sleepy for a while, no one will be so stingy to say. As long as you are not in this state every day.

If you are in a state-owned enterprise ... Now it's ready to go to bed on the table ...
A few years ago is not afraid of ... Open your eyelids: Find your computer screen has been dark for a long time. The left side of the neck is wet, full of sweat. Since the company provided the chair of the lead pillow, twice in a row unconsciously fell asleep ... Never dozed off when writing code, because writing code is a highly concentrated thing. Often the more the spirit of writing, but after the excitement or sleepy, then go straight to sleep. Generally speaking, if you are really sleepy, you do not want to write a word. Well!? Write code and doze off? It's hard, a programmer who is obsessed with loving career, coding dozing? I can't figure it out. Before hacker scripts, I played a little smart, just for Windows:
Wrote a small program hook mouse keyboard input, 600 seconds without incident response will automatically push the code to the server and execute the daily Build
Then I think I can safely doze off, the results of a few days after the test results found that the most recent daily build is fail, and then stay up for a few days to get all the mistakes back. Never write code when you're sleepy, keep a reasonable sleep every day, basically don't doze off during the day.

Occasionally stay up late at night, sleepy during the day, then go to sleep openly, or simply leave home to sleep.
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