Program Development Methodology

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Program Development Methodology

Program Development is a technical activity. Only by accumulating experience and reflecting on the past can we gain income on an occasional basis, so as to improve our development methods and work efficiency.

Writing programs is not physical activity. Generally, there is a problem with writing a program because the preparation is not enough. In fact, writing a program has a rumor: thick accumulation. If you have a clear idea, you can quickly develop a decent system. If you are confused, you can make a mess. Program development is not a simple, measurable, smooth labor accumulation, but a series of PR processes. After 99%, you may be stuck in the last 1%, therefore, we should not treat program development in a rigid and crude manner. We must keep a clear mind and always pay attention to whether or not we are going into a dead end.

People tend to be too eager to start program development. I am not clear about the problem. I think that with the help of development operations, I can naturally understand the problem. This is too self-confident and so contemptible. The problems faced by program development are almost always hard to imagine. Maybe because we are just human beings, are we gods? design a plan to direct others' actions, this kind of God's function is unfamiliar to us. The structure and logic contained in every common task are very complicated. Only those who have not tried to do so can rashly take action.

As a preparation, we should first suppress our own desires, then suppress our ambitions, humble observations, and imitation, and then absorb the fruits of our predecessors. This is the correct method. Few people are proud to imitate and follow others, but this is a very practical practice. If you know nothing about what your predecessors have done, could you tell me where the winner is? However, people tend to ignore this and are eager to express their talents.

Observing others' achievements has at least one advantage: You know what you want to develop and what the development goal is. This kind of goal is not the so-called "success" goal, that is, "I must be successful", but specific. For example, I want to place items in this part of the game, the speed can be changed here. Only when you really know a complete product can you form a mature point of view in the brain. The more specific the viewpoint is, the more likely you will implement it.

In the beginning, you may have some opinions on some details. After a lot of reflection, you can find more macro architecture problems and have improved solutions. This is an accumulation process.

Wait for the process to become more and more obvious, and the impression in your mind becomes clearer and clearer, and you will know that you should start.

After you start, you will find that the previous understanding is only partial and there are many vulnerabilities. If there are more vulnerabilities than you think, you will not be able to continue. It means that your accumulation is not enough, understanding is too one-sided. instead of fixing vulnerabilities, it is better to systematically study others' achievements.

Program development is not a craft, but a planning. On the premise of accumulating a correct understanding of things, we need to think carefully, plan the scheme, and conduct it in depth, step by step, and break through it one by one. This is the methodology of program development.


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