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Errors in program development cannot be classified as bugs, at least they are lower than bugs. Because at this stage, you have not yet written real and available programs, and the development is not going to continue, it is really depressing. Recently, when a group of people solved the error, they suddenly realized: the error is actually a seven word-"no, no more, no more ". The Error Log 99% output on the console is caused by these three reasons.

"Missing", as the name suggests, means that the program cannot find the required resources. The famous "Java. Lang. classnotfoundexception" is a representative of this school. In the original package management, a bunch of jar packages are heap in the lib directory. If you miss one or two, you will usually receive a dozen "classnotfoundexception" messages. It has been a long time with the jar package. If one of them is missing, it will be done at a glance. At the beginning, there was a matching version for each of them. Can integrate a set of programs to run and wish to keep them up. Report 404, no mapping and so on to check whether their source is missing for various reasons or there is no configuration at all. In short, the program complained that you could not find anything. Don't lose your temper. Please help him find it with patience.

"More" is the opposite of the previous one, but he won't say he can't find anything. He may complain about "cocould not be resolved" or other Wan expressions. So you saw the program start to talk nonsense, but there was nothing left. Find the resource of the class near "root cause. Add the same jar package, add more resources, write more and forget to comment. If there are more things, the program doesn't know which one to use, and I don't know what to say, so I started to talk nonsense.

"Not on" is actually the combination of the first two. If you need more, you need less. This type of error is sometimes obvious. The Oracle database uses the MySQL DATA driver package, and the spelling XML packet header and tail are not closed. These can be seen at a glance. The fear is that some similar resources have been mixed up and no error has been reported. For example, the configuration of Intranet databases with the same structure is reversed. During program startup, no exception is reported, but soon you will find that the data is not correct. Such errors are difficult to troubleshoot. However, as long as you memorize "Seven-character Tips" and exclude items one by one, it is easy to eliminate errors.

Program error tips

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