Program Ape, why do you need a Mac?

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With a Mac, I can't go back to Windows.

A: Handsome, my computer is broken. B: Re-install the system. Pack it up!

The reload system Windows system solves all system problems with a potion of divine medicine. MAC era no longer need to do this kind of labor damage to the wealth of things, no tool than a stable and reliable, can continue to execute the operating system better.

It was the most times, it was the worst of the times.
Standing at the cusp of the. The apes who have experienced the best and worst of times. Bring your best weapon. Go out and fight.

Yan Value and force lattice

Apple notebooks have always been unique, advocating a full of artistic feeling, and apple love white, like pure white snow, combined with a bite of the Apple logo, it seems that Apple is different.

Imagine a mild afternoon. You sit in the music café, staring at the Black Editor's screen, your fingers walking on the keyboard.

It's not what you deliberately create. Or, you walk on the road with your Mac. Program Ape Pride High will also unknowingly burst out.

Just like this,

Super-powerful OS

    • Pure mode of operation
      The world of Windows, all software is occupied with the same interface, bloated. Difficult to manage, very disturbing.

      MAC OS can configure multiple desktops. Different desktops can open different tasks, and each task can not interfere with each other. It allows you to immerse yourself in the world of coding without worrying about any interruptions.

      Different tasks of the switch, but also in the light of the finger to complete, it is so silky.

    • Stand by anytime
      You can enter the battle state at the highest speed possible. Even if you reboot, your Mac will be able to revert to your operating state when you turn it off.

      No matter what the operation.

      This is really sweet. Cover the lid, the system on its own initiative standby, simple simply.

    • Unix
      Mac OS x is true UNIX (compliant with the standard, with authorization.) Legally able to use the UNIX trademark). Most of the development, you can do it under Mac OS X and execute under Linux.

      Mac OS X is a very good balance, UNIX-style command line, scripting capabilities it all has, and with a very easy to use efficient GUI. So whether you're a CLI (command-line interface) or GUI-controlled, you should be able to play very well.
      Based on Apple's closed license. Mac almost doesn't need antivirus software. How to play is not a side leak.

    • Quick and easy
      Opportunity not to Dayton.

      The battery can be used for 10 hours without manually cleaning up the memory. Retina screen, a variety of thoughtful software and services.

      For one such operating system. What else do I have to ask for?

    • Netbooks
      With the development of mobile Internet, the time of using computer becomes shorter, and the notebook is more and more like a netbook.

      For the use of computers, we are increasingly focused on browsers and instant messaging. We rarely need to open very many other applications as a normal user.

      Chat tools such as browsers and QQ. Enough for our daily use. These applications have long been free of operating system limitations.

    • Development language
      As a developer, most mainstream development languages are not operating system-limited. Vendors have launched cross-platform class library support.

    • Editor
      For what is indispensable is the code editor, frequently used editors are at least cross-platform.

      Like all the products of IntelliJ company. Webstrom, Phpstrom, etc.

Juvenile. What are you waiting for?

Program Ape, why do you need a Mac?

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