Program of the Spring arrival of apes many companies recruit "programmer encouragement"

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Programmer encouragement, as the name suggests, is specifically for programmers to encourage refueling positions. Look at how the family describes the position.

Job Temptation: Tease Lions, coax yards and horses

Job Description: Encourage programmers, siege lions to work long time (for example, 50 days before the Spring Festival), encourage them to be as brave as lions, wolves do not reduce, high-quality to complete version development.

Of course, the job requirements are also very high. The company asks for a sweet-looking Ferzhanze day, and a smile often hangs like a high circle.

When the program ape encounters a bug, he sits beside him and cheers her sister up. To be good at listening, but also to withstand the death of engineers are unable to communicate the character.

Be good at listening (not listening to understand it's okay)

If so, the programmer will certainly be crazy to call the bug, but according to the small part of the in-depth understanding of the bug, there is no way the program ape brother but to the people around the men and women without distinction. Finally prompted the above several companies program Ape Brother article is purely fictitious ...

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