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I have always had the habit of visiting a bookstore on Saturday. Today is no exception. Today, I am happy to have a beautiful mm sitting next to me while reading a book. ^ _ ^, more excited that today I found this good book "The Way programmers practice". I have heard of this book for a long time, but because of the time, I have never read the original version of this book. Today I have found the translation of this book, which makes me very happy!
With hunger, I read the first chapter of the book in one breath in the bookstore. After reading it, I can only use one word to describe my mood ". I sincerely admire the two authors of this book.
In the first chapter, I think the most classic is the following sentence: about the broken window theory: a broken window, as long as there is so long as there is no repair, it will gradually bring a sense of waste to the residents of the building-a sense that the Authority Department does not care about the building. So another window broke. People began to litter. Garbled pictures appear. Serious structural damage began. In a relatively short period of time, the damage to the building exceeded the degree that the owner was willing to repair, and the sense of waste became a reality.
In view of this theory, the author has extended the "broken windows" in the software, a good software system. Once the broken windows appear, if the repair is not timely, then the software system will quickly rot and deteriorate.
I still have some feelings about this. A product in our department continues until 1. at the time of Version X, it was unable to be maintained. A Bug was found and it was almost impossible to locate it. This was the "window breaking" effect. Fortunately, the Department developed the product in time. in Version X, the product design and coding of this version are all new. However, as this version has been on the market for nearly a year and a half, it is facing endless demands from customers, this version also began to show a "Broken window". Once upon a time, I also came up with the idea that "the rest of the code is also rubbish, and I only need to follow it ". What a terrible idea is that the "window breaking" effect is happening to me. I think it's time to fix the "broken windows" and make our code clean and beautiful. Like the "fire suppression" example mentioned in the book, you should be especially careful not to dirty a clean and tidy software system.
There is an example of the "Stone soup" mentioned in the book. This example and me, as well as my colleague's ideas and ideas. When you think that something is very good and can be used in projects, you recommend it to everyone. However, it is very difficult for everyone to treat it, this is obviously not of interest to everyone, and my colleague will complain: "How are these guys doing this? It is a waste of new ideas to propose new things with them! ". Later, the two of our chats agreed that there was a problem with our method. We should first make a small decent thing and then recommend it to everyone, this will arouse everyone's interest. As the book said: Surprise them and say, "If we increase .... It may be better ".
My colleague and I both share their knowledge with other colleagues and often organize some training in the Department. However, the communication effect has never been very satisfactory. My colleague complained that "when other colleagues ask questions about this item, they always fail to ask ideas and have poor ability to accept new things ". However, in turn, is there a problem with the way we train ourselves? Do we know our audience. What do you want them to learn? What are they interested in? How rich are they with experience? How many details do they want? Who do you want to possess this information? How do you motivate them to listen to you? We did not seriously consider these question marks before the training began, just as I gave the department an ace and multithreading technology training, I attended this training with some java colleagues. When I was training a POSIX standard, I did not know what POSIX standard was, finally, when a colleague asked me what the POSIX standard was, I suddenly realized that they didn't quite understand these things. This was a question about training methods. Training, communication, and speech are indeed a learning task. A good communication or training course can be attended by everyone even after a long period of time, otherwise, a lot of people will not be able to start "game of God" in a short time. A good general's success or failure in the speech before the battle may directly affect the victory or defeat of this battle!
There is an e-mail communication problem. One of our female colleagues often sends emails to colleagues in the entire department due to their job relationship, but few of them can receive replies, she is so sad ^ _ ^. I told her what is "public indifference" in order to enlighten her. A robber robbed many people on the street, but no one can stop it because the responsibilities of the robbers are evenly shared among many people. Everyone thinks this is not my responsibility. However, it is indeed polite to reply to emails from other people in a timely manner, just as in the book, even if the content is just "I will reply to you later ". I also lost my temper when others did not reply to my email in time.
Today is indeed a very rich day. The first chapter of the "Practice of programmers" gives me so much feeling. I think I will continue to read it, it will inspire more ideological Sparks. I will wait and see ....

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