Programmer draft: Time Management under multiple tasks, target plan and Task Decomposition

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The programmer magazine has made an appointment with club members! The CTO club and csdn programmer magazine jointly create a series of columns for members of the CTO club and invite you to share them.

Topic 1: Time Management under multiple tasks(Programmer, published in September and cut off in August 15)

Gerald M. weberger, a well-known software expert, once proposed an empirical rule to calculate the waste caused by project switching. It is estimated that when a project is added to the work, the work efficiency will be affected, and 20% of the time will be lost. When another task is added, nearly half of the time will be wasted on task switching.

However, it is undeniable that many R & D teams are faced with parallel development of multiple projects. Many members of the Team complain about the problem of "no" and "no". In the face of this problem, it may be difficult to say "no" to multiple projects, how does your team handle this problem?

Topic 2: Target plan and task breakdown(Programmer, published in October and cut off in September 5)

The Tang Monk team in Journey to the West has gone through a great deal of danger and finally obtained the truth. The clear goal and reasonable division of labor have laid the foundation for the team's ultimate success. Tang Miao set a goal for the team from the very beginning. Although he experienced various setbacks and hardships, his goal had never been shaken. Wukong explored the path, took the lead, and sashan picked up the path. Several disciples shoulder the task of protecting Tang Miao. Although different personalities have their own shortcomings, the goal decomposition is reasonable and the division of labor and cooperation among members will eventually lead to the same boat and achieve the truth.

The story of Journey to the West is introduced to the technical management of the actual team, which also serves as a reference. In this issue, we invite members of the CTO club to talk about "how to implement the goal plan and task decomposition of the technical team ", this article describes the coordination between your organizational goals and personal goals, the decomposition of technical team goals and tasks, and the division of labor and cooperation among team members.

Manuscript requirements

The guests who participated in the sharing wrote an essay on the topic:

  1. The length is about 1500 characters;
  2. Provide a clear portrait of the front of the individual (pixels not lower than 1500*1500 );
  3. About 100 ~ 150 characters.

The article will be published in programmer magazine. We will pay the corresponding draft fee and give away the current magazine. Due to the limited length of the topic, we will choose to post articles that cannot be published in a magazine on the csdn website and promote them on the csdn full site and ctos club weekly. If you are interested in the above topics, please email us to participate. We hope that you will send the article to us before the deadline shown. Thank you for your support.

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